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Lambert and I, and many readers, agree that Ukraine has fostered the worst media environment ever. We hope that readers will cooperate in mitigating the fog of war – the real fog and theater fog – in the comments. None of us need more encouragement and repetition of memes without association; There are platforms for that. Low-value, correlation-free boom boom waves will be hit.

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Maine Lime Pie Lovers Whisk Over Dessert Snub Wall Street Journal (David L)

Three bear cubs explode in a cartoon rescue in a backyard hammock (David L)

A call for hippos to join the Guardian’s list of most endangered animals. Resilk: “Everything on this planet is in danger, hippos are queuing.”

A hot summer means that turtles in Florida are bred mostly to Reuters females (ma0

How these farmers “The Art of Rice Cultivation” Draw Core77 . Perspective

US nuclear regulator highlights its first small modular reactor New Atlas (David L)

How should we evaluate progress in artificial intelligence? MetaRationality (David L)

The math of flipping a burger ScienceDirect (Dr. Kevin)

Polio: virus found in sewage in a suburb of New York City BBC (David L)


Science / Medicine

More SARS-CoV-2 variants, sporadic epidemics may become ‘new normal’ (Kevin W)


COVID has long marginalized millions of workers from their jobs NPR (resilc)

Biden’s comeback. Is Baxlovid to Blame? Atlantic (Reselect). Doubling section.



Scientists say it’s time to prepare for human extinction SWNS (ma)

Heatwaves and Floods: Why America’s Infrastructure Can’t Withstand Extreme Weather Axios


From earlier in the week, it’s still relevant:

How China avoided the collapse of Soviet-style Noumea

Alibaba stock falls in Hong Kong after US threatens to delist CNN (Kevin W)

Pelosi after

Nancy Pelosi Reassures China To Visit Taiwan For Part Of The Bachelorette Party She Didn’t Plan On Onions

Direct: China responds to Pelosi’s visit to BBC Taiwan. Basically China said there are much better ways to retaliate than to ban her visits. Scroll to: Workouts Likely to Turn into an All-In-One Crunch:

The announcement of six large exclusion zones around Taiwan starting Thursday, and lasting for four days, has the potential to turn this into a full-scale crisis….

This time around, three of the six regions within Taiwan’s 12-mile range are interfering. This is unprecedented.

Taiwan’s Defense Ministry has already described the move as a violation of United Nations agreements, and said it amounted to an air and sea blockade against the island.

If China were to move ships or planes to those areas, it would be an invasion of Taiwan territory. This makes the stakes much higher as Taiwan may feel compelled to defend its territorial waters.

Pelosi’s trip to Taiwan is only the beginning of the American headache Bloomberg (Angry)

Well, let’s cut the crap … Andrei Martyanov. Important. Remember that Martyanov, in addition to authoring three critically acclaimed books on American military decline, also has, in his words, an advanced degree in sinking the US Navy. Note that China has prepared itself to lose in this confrontation. Martyanov also suggests that China may feel it has to step up.

With Pelosi’s visit to Taiwan looming, Menendez bill will ‘rip up’ responsible one-China state policy

China’s countermeasures against Pelosi’s one-off visit to Taiwan will not be: Global Times editorial

China’s CATL postpones US plant while Pelosi visits Taiwan Bloomberg. Tesla and Ford batteries.

Old Blighty

Alien vs Predator vs Sunak vs Truss: Can You Decide Your Quotes? Daily Mash

Liz Truss plans to cut payroll leave for public sector workers

Jacob Rees-Mogg: I was wrong when I said Brexit wouldn’t cause Dover to delay the Guardian

In Latin America, synthetic drugs are becoming more popular than cocaine and marijuana DW (resilc)

A new not cold war

Ukraine’s war is losing its luster. Where is the lady with the lamp? Indian Punchline (Kevin W.)

The Russian Foreign Ministry announced the end of the era of constructive cooperation with the West in international affairs (via machine translation)

Ukraine – mines, missiles, war crimes and a warning to Zelensky, Alabama moon

Schulz visits Nord Stream turbines that are being maintained in Canada, and says nothing to prevent them from being shipped to Russia – Interfax reports. This is surreal. It’s as if Scholz made a special trip to visit a high-value prisoner.

The hidden truth about the war in Ukraine Jack Baud, Postel (Gorst). I hate when I learn that I don’t know the important parts of backstory:

On January 20, 1991, before the independence of Ukraine, the people of Crimea were invited to choose by referendum between two options: stay with Kyiv or return to the pre-1954 situation and the Moscow administration. 93.6% of the Crimean population agreed to be annexed to Moscow.

On February 26, 1992, the Crimean Parliament declared the “Republic of Crimea” with the approval of the Ukrainian government, which granted it the status of an autonomous republic. On May 5, 1992, Crimea declared its independence and adopted a constitution….

… On March 17, 1995, it [Ukraine] Forcibly abolished the Crimean constitution. It sent its special forces to overthrow the President of Crimea, Yuri Mitchkov, and de facto annexed the Republic of Crimea, which led to popular demonstrations for the annexation of Crimea to Russia. An event rarely reported in the Western media.

Bloomberg says stopping Russian gas could lead to a 2009-style recession

The United States imposes sanctions on Russian businessmen and heads of the liberated Ukrainian regions TASS. Continue to scrape the bottom of the barrel.


Hezbollah drones: There is no safe environment for Israel, the cradle of (Spood)

Spiritual Union: Why Gulf Immigrants Become Guardians of Evangelical Christianity

Has the ice begun to melt between the United States and the Taliban? Responsible State Administration (resilc)

Big brother is watching you

Meta is being sued for providing US hospitals with a data-tracking tool that allegedly ended up revealing patient information to Facebook Business Insider

Ring delivers videos to the police without a warrant or user consent, Bruce Schneier (David L)

Watch Imperial Collapse

Zoltan Pozsar: Heisenberger Report “Welcome to the War Economy” (resilc)

Henry Kissinger: The Persistence of Lying in War

Resurrecting War Petroleum Management: The Case of the Government-Industry Partnership War on the Rocks (resilc). Thinking of an MBA

Rashida Tlaib wins Michigan primary despite pro-Israel spending


The Kansas Abortion Shocker Atlantic (Furzy)

Kansas Votes to Keep Abortion Rights in Its Constitution, The New York Times (Kevin W.)

Georgians can claim fetus as dependent on tax returns The Hill (resilc)

Religious leaders sue Florida abortion law signed by Ron DeSantis The Washington Post (outraged)

Sandy Hook’s parents testify about the “hell” Alex Jones inflicted on them through lies about the CNN shooting (Angry). How did Jones end up on the wrong end of a default sentence?

Supply Chain / Inflation

Ports of New York and New Jersey add fees to shipping carriers as shipping containers pile up CNBC (Kevin W)

As inflation rises, more Americans live paycheck to pay CNBC’s (resilc) check

UK home energy bills to be at ‘devastating’ levels until ‘at least 2024’ Financial Times

Four dead in South Africa protests over rising electricity costs Al Jazeera (Resilc)

ISM found that US factories are growing at the slowest pace in two years. New orders fall again in a MarketWatch (spud) omen. This is what happens when you task the Fed with hitting inflation that pretty much produces 100% of the things the Fed can’t influence.

Stephen King says “merging is bad for competition” in his testimony in Penguin Random House-Simon & Schuster Antitrust Trial Deadspin (Furzy)

No, automatic loan arrears and repurchases are not “explosive”: they have risen from record lows and are still historically low

class struggle

Next wave of opioid overdoses ‘will be worse than ever’ ScienceBlog (Dr. Kevin)

Hate, But Don’t Look: Reporting On The Other Side Matt Taipei (EM). Since last weekend, we may have missed it….

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