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Lambert and I, and many readers, agree that Ukraine has fostered the worst media environment ever. We hope that readers will cooperate in mitigating the fog of war – the real fog and theater fog – in the comments. None of us need more encouragement and repetition of memes without association; There are platforms for that. Low-value, correlation-free boom boom waves will be hit.

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The fifth endangered Bengal tiger was born in the Cuban Zoo (Reuters)

Strange contradictions make the American economy inexplicable quartz

The Bank of England raises interest rates in an attempt to tame inflation. Suspension:


Study says wildfires destroy nearly all forest carbon offsets in a 100-year reserve

Coral levels in some parts of the Great Barrier Reef have reached their highest levels in 36 years

Inefficient building electrification requires massive renewable energy construction and the nature of seasonal energy storage

Climate Endgame: Exploring PNAS . Catastrophic Climate Change Scenarios


Will anti-vaccine activism in the United States reverse global goals? Peter Hotez, Nature

Update: Number of unvaccinated people in counties with high community levels of COVID-19 is increasing KHN

And then there were 31 … the 10 latest covid vaccines to reach stage 3 Main results Hilda Bastian, probably not at all

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Symptoms and cases after COVID-19 among children and adolescents – United States, March 1, 2020 – January 31, 2022, Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report. Compared with patients aged 0-17 years without previously COVID-19, subjects with previously COVID-19 had higher rates of acute pulmonary embolism (adjusted hazard ratio = 2.01), myocarditis and cardiomyopathy (1.99) and an Venous thromboembolism (1.87), acute and unspecified renal failure (1.32), and type 1 diabetes (1.23), all of which were rare or uncommon in the study population.”


Biden will keep the carrier strike group in the South China Sea but postpone the CNBC missile test

How do the Taiwanese not feel anxious? typology

Invading Taiwan could halt global chip production because “no one can control TSMC by force”. PC Gamer (Re Silc).

China imposes sanctions on US House Speaker Nancy Pelosi

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Wall Street CEOs Demand Zero Quarantine for Big Bloomberg Summit in Hong Kong

Apple supplier Foxconn expands iPhone production in India, further diversifying supply chain away from China South China Morning Post

How and Why China Focuses on Its 1 Billion Ton Iron Ore Trade


Russian foreign minister pays official visit to The Associated Press in Myanmar

New evidence shows how Myanmar’s military planned to purge Rohingya, tells Reuters

Skeptics are wrong: The US can take on both China and Russia Josh Rogen, Abo

The US-led campaign to isolate Russia and China is failing Bloomberg. “Mist in the channel, cutting off the continent.”

A new not cold war

Military briefing: HIMARS fuels Ukraine’s hopes for “limited” counterattack Financial Times. Oh.

Ukrainian forces endanger civilians: Amnesty France 24

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Keeping Europe Warm This Winter Comes With Asia Weather Bloomberg

“The turbines are working”: German Schulz blames Russia for the energy row on Al Jazeera. Photo caption: “German Chancellor Oyav Schulz stands next to a gas turbine meant to be transferred to the pressure station of the Nord Stream 1 gas pipeline in Russia during his visit to the Siemens Energy site in Mülheim an der Ruhr, Germany.”

Will a new war shatter the dreams of Azerbaijani gas in Europe? Foreign Policy

* * *

Who are the winners of the Black Sea grain deal? International Crisis Group

* * *

Zelensky “Not everything he portrays” by Western media (video) Sky News, YouTube (Andrei Martyanov).

Fresh clashes around Nagorno-Karabakh indicate ripple effects of the Ukrainian responsible regime

What kind of economy are we building? Julia Sviridenko, events in Ukraine. privatization. Svyridenko is the First Deputy Prime Minister of Ukraine and Minister of Economic Development and Trade of Ukraine.

Britney Greiner: Russian court jails NBA star for drug charges Deutsche Welle


The truth about the Beirut port explosion cannot be hidden, says the Pope who specializes in marine logistics

Atlantic Council Commission on African Economic Outlook for 2022 pushes for ‘Africa Agenda’ at COP 27 Maravi Post

Biden administration

White House Establishes Office on Long Covid Rolling Stone


We see US spring wheat production 2022-23 at ample levels as yields rise Hellenic Shipping News

Prenatal exposure to starvation and the development of hyperglycemia and type 2 diabetes in adulthood across successive generations: a population-based cohort study of families in Suihua, China The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition. From the conclusion: “Prenatal exposure to starvation significantly increases the risk of hyperglycemia in two consecutive generations of Chinese adults regardless of known risk factors for T2D, supporting the notion that prenatal nutrition plays an important role in the development of T2D across successive generations of adults. The Chinese.”

SoftBank emerge as a big loser from the technological downturn. second. The Wall Street Journal


Coinbase asks Supreme Court to stop Bloomberg account holders lawsuit

BlackRock partners with Coinbase to expand the crypto market Bloomberg. seems legit.

Our famous free press

Most of the “fact-checking” organizations used by Facebook in Ukraine are directly funded by the Washington Mint Press

New media intertwine with imperial power as old media Caitlin Johnstone (ctlieee).

Watch Imperial Collapse

Patrick Lawrence: Language and Its Enemies Sherpost

Zeitgeist Watch

“A Good Life” from Arduinna Woods (DJG).

How Crazy-Ass Tom Cruise and “Top Gun” Saved America Matt Taipei, TK News

A girl chews handcuffs in a daring escape from a week of captivity on NBC’s Alabama. So, optimism!

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