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Lambert and I, and many readers, agree that Ukraine has fostered the worst media environment ever. We hope that readers will cooperate in mitigating the fog of war – the real fog and theater fog – in the comments. None of us need more encouragement and repetition of memes without association; There are platforms for that. Low-value, correlation-free boom boom waves will be hit.

And for those new here, this isn’t just a polite request. We have written the site policies and those who have commented have agreed to these terms. To prevent having to resort to the nuclear option of shutting down comments entirely until more rationality prevails, as we did during the 2015 Greek bailout negotiations and shortly after the 2020 elections, we will be ruthless about moderation and blacklisting offenders.

– Eve

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Eagle-eyed Delaware Hunter Chances On The ‘Holy Grail’ Of Tree Lovers – Full-grown American Chestnut Why

Meet the women who hunt giant ‘eating everything’ snakes at the Everglades Los Angeles Times

Another raid on a privately-owned hospital kills crowded urban hospital Mo Tkacik, The American Prospect. Tkacik is always worth reading.

Debt monsters in a downturn Financial Times

The power of popular ideas in economic policy and similarities between the central bank and the commercial bank The New Political Economy. “Our findings suggest that although central bankers in Europe recognize the inadequacy of balance sheet capital in theory, they nonetheless attach weight to it in practice, so as not to conflict with the public’s assumed common sense that losses Ongoing and negative capital is undesirable.”


How to prevent cities and businesses from harming the natural planets

Watch the world burn AFP. North Melting:

The Gulf of Maine is simmering, but lobster looks good – for now WaPo


Fodder for livestock dries up in Pakistan as flood waters continue to rise Reuters


Rapid initiation of nasal saline irrigation to reduce the severity of high-risk COVID-19 infection + Otolaryngology Journal. From the conclusion: “SARS-CoV-2+ participants who started nasal irrigation were 8 times less likely to be hospitalized than the national average.”

The Flu is Coming: It’s a pity that we’re ignoring the lessons of Covid Up @ Night. Australia:

[T]Here is a good reason to compare influenza to Covid. How is that? The strategies and tactics that have been used to limit the transmission of the Covid virus have effectively stopped influenza in its tracks in 2020-2021. Incredibly, only about 700 Americans died from the flu in the 2020-2021 season, when we normally lose tens of thousands.

A morally sound society might look at the number of lives saved and the suffering averted during this time and say, “Wow! It looks like anti-Covid measures can help us against influenza and other viruses in the future. Awesome! We need to make this happen.”

But we are not a morally healthy society.

Long Haul Chicago Magazine. “COVID is now the third leading neurological disorder in the country,” the American Academy of Neurology announced in July.


Europe needs Chinese diesel if Russia cuts off Hellenic Shipping News’ import. Fun ensues.

China’s chief weapons scientist said the power of nuclear fusion is 6 years away from the South China Morning Post

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China continues to speculate on the West’s economic pressure on Russia’s Associated Press

The United States is considering imposing sanctions on China to deter Taiwan’s action, while Taipei pressures the European newspaper “Japan Times”

Defense Strategic Review and Common Wisdom on the Chinese Threat and US Support are Pearls and Pigments. from Australia.

AUKUS, 1 year on Lowy’s translator. Also from Australia


Important from NUG:

It is worth noting that the massacres of the Rohingya took place during the reign of Aung San Suu Kyi. So I wonder if she would sign something similar….

the two Koreas

South Korea issues arrest warrant for Do Kwon and Luna and drops nearly 50% of TechCrunch

Book Review: A Closer Look at North Korean Fugitives The Blue Roof

[Kim Seong-kon] I miss the great America that I knew the Korea Herald. The author experiences distorted customer service.


Erdogan pledges half a million new homes worth $50 billion pushes Bloomberg

Has the long civil war in Afghanistan really ended? foreign affairs

Saudi king commemorates 9/11: ‘We lost many good pilots’ DuffelBlog


How to judge fiscal policy at a time mainly macro gears

Sweden elections: the astonishing rise of the right-wing Swedish Democrats Deutsche Welle

Queen Elizabeth

King Charles’ staff gave notice of redundancy during church service to the Queen’s Guardian. Oh.

Republican protesters arrested the King Charles regent’s remarks. Any supporters of the republican form of government.

Cradle of Freedom of Expression (1):

Cradle of Freedom of Expression (2):

Thousands of patients face canceled NHS appointments or operations due to Quinn’s independent funeral. In contrast to Diana’s funeral:

Other cancellations:

Do not let the crisis go to waste:

The fight for a new Chile goes to the Tribune

The new, not cold, cold war

The Kremlin’s television broadcasts call on Russia to recognize the “serious defeat” of the everyday monster (Re Silc).

Expectations of Putin’s demise are greatly exaggerated foreign policy

Military briefing: Ukrainian offensive ‘eliminates’ Russia’s targets in Donbass, but Ukraine faces ‘hard battle’ even as Russian forces retreat, Financial Times reports. We will know soon.

The German economy is shrinking as consumers are hit by the energy crisis, analysts warn the Financial Times. Economic time > Military time > Political time….

Biden administration

A constitutional challenge to the very existence of the FTC, NYT. Stoller’s comments:

The United States has officially added Ars Technica to the World Health Organization’s list of countries with an outbreak of polio. Joe, Rochelle, good job.


Nigeria seizes donkey penis for smuggling to Associated Press in Hong Kong

Police Status Monitor

Guns, electrocutions, and prisons: How cities and states spent billions of COVID-19 relief for the Marshall Plan

intelligence services

Former NSA chief Keith Alexander is accused of perpetrating the pump-and-dump investment scheme The Intercept. You just have to search for keywords: “SPAC”, “Wells Fargo”, “Amazon”….

Ronald W. Belton Jacob Silverman dies

What does arming global finance mean for the hegemony of the US dollar? The war on the rocks

Watch Imperial Collapse

Measuring Americans’ views of isolationism, pluralism, and the most pressing foreign policy challenges for the country. Useful scheme:

Revoke the Iraq War License to the US Governor

Our “Forgotten” and Invisible Wars, Daniel Larson, Eunomiya

class struggle

Railroad workers in Nebraska prepare to strike Friday causing supply chain concerns: “They may finally break” KMTV. The idea: Workers don’t want to use their vacation days for medical appointments. So stop asking for it, like a civilized society would.

‘Players Now Realize: They Are Workers’: Why Young Baseball Players Voted to Join Unions in These Times

What is the agenda of the old left? Branko Milanovic, Global Inequality and More 3.0

Appendix 2 – The Old Order (podcast) by Mike Duncan, Revolutions. Duncan summarizes lessons learned in historiography, history, and podcasts. The podcast must be listened to, despite (or because) it started in 1625 with the English Revolution, in 2013 (!). There is really nothing else like it.

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