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Lambert and I, and many readers, agree that Ukraine has fostered the worst media environment ever. We hope that readers will cooperate in mitigating the fog of war – the real fog and theater fog – in the comments. None of us need more encouragement and repetition of memes without association; There are platforms for that. Low-value, correlation-free boom boom waves will be hit.

And for those new here, this isn’t just a polite request. We have written the site policies and those who have commented have agreed to these terms. To prevent having to resort to the nuclear option of shutting down comments entirely until more rationality prevails, as we did during the 2015 Greek bailout negotiations and shortly after the 2020 elections, we will be ruthless in terms of moderating and blacklisting offenders.

– Eve

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The lost moon may have generated the rings of Saturn.

NASA hack as rover discovers strong signal of organic matter on Mars science alert

Unpacking Adobe’s stupid deal with FT Alphaville. buy figma. “M&A has been an alternative to research and development.” Looks like Stoller District. Suspension:

I don’t like Adobe’s “Creative Cloud” either. I’m very old and I remember when you could have bought software, not rented it.

Rail Contract Talks

A rail union strike was averted with a USA Today work deal. I link to this headline only to note that it is outright anti-union and anti-labor propaganda. There is no “deal” until workers vote on the contract. Ayo, Biden’s press release is simply a way to hold back the workers, such as the Democrats’ victory, the press coverage.

BLET and SMART-TD reach tentative agreement with Brotherhood of Locomotive Engineers and Trainmen. Key point: “For the first time, our unions were able to have contractual, negotiated language to exempt leave for certain medical events from carrier attendance policies.” But as of this writing, no one has seen the language of the contract:

US rail workers have the final say on the deal — or the prospect of a Bloomberg strike. And it is not clear (as with John Deere) whether union managers and workers have the same concept of a good deal:

28 railway workers tell us what they want you to know about their lives

Railroad companies almost caused economic disaster in the United States list


The world has a $1 trillion La Nina problem. Bloomberg. Or the world has an inestimable human problem…

Shallow water mining in direct contradiction to sustainability goals – Study

The far-fetched future for Fog NYT in San Francisco. More on fog and redwoods from the National Park Service.

DOE report finds hundreds of retired coal plant sites could be converted to BIC nuclear magazine


Black Warrior Riverkeeper sues Warrior Met Coal over water pollution


The Lancet Panel on Lessons Learned from the COVID-19 Pandemic The Lancet. From the conclusion: “In light of this, our primary recommendation is to promote multilateralism in all critical dimensions: political, cultural, institutional and financial. We call on all countries, especially the richest and most powerful, to support, sustain and enhance the work of the United Nations system. We call for awareness of the benefits of multilateralism, solidarity, cooperation and a shared commitment to development sustainable development, whether in the face of epidemics, ending poverty, preserving peace, or facing global environmental challenges.” Graphic summary:

A major Covid report indicates that the virus may have leaked from the US Telegraph Lab. Naturally, the press begins to talk about the theory of laboratory leakage, ignoring everything else.

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Post-COVID-19 situation analysis and its overlap with encephalomyelitis/chronic fatigue syndrome. The Journal of Advanced Research. From the conclusions: “Nearly two years after the worldwide spread of the COVID-19 pandemic, post-COVID-19 syndrome has proven to be a serious and long-term problem for many recovering patients. This multifactorial disease is characterized by a variety of debilitating symptoms, including Fatigue, brain fog and malaise after exertion.Many pathological observations of the post-COVID-19 condition, including changes in the immune, cardiovascular, metabolic, gastrointestinal, nervous, and autonomic systems are shared with or similar to symptoms described in ME/CFS. [Myalgic Encephalomyelitis/Chronic Fatigue Syndrome] The patients. Given the current evidence presented in this study, it is possible that large cohorts of post-COVID-19 patients will eventually meet the criteria for a ME/CFS diagnosis.” Graphic summary:

COVID has long been a preventable tragedy. Some of us saw it coming on WebMD

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This handmade air purifier that costs under $100 is taking classes in America by storm, Fortune. I don’t see Corsi-Rosenthal boxes as an individual solution (although many are designed for private homes). They are often built in batches, as gifts to institutions such as schools. The main use case for home construction appears to be protection others When a family member is sick. So I am optimistic on this front.


Xi vowed to support Russia’s ‘core interests’ during his meeting with Putin in the Uzbek Straits Times and Vladimir Putin, and Xi Jinping praised ‘superpower’ ties in talks challenging West SBS. By contrast, most coverage in the West highlights Xi’s expression of “concerns” about Ukraine, possibly because “concerns” is a Beltway (meaning “burning hair”).

Putin-Xi meeting at the summit marks the emergence of responsible statecraft in Eurasia

* * *

Xi Jinping’s article provides insight into China’s direction ahead of the Communist Party Congress South China Morning Post. The group: “Xi’s article says the party must constantly correct itself to avoid the fate of the Soviet Union.”

China Village Bank collapse could cause serious foreign policy contagion

China plans more lunar missions after Bloomberg’s new lunar mineral finds

Boeing’s remarketing stock of 737s ordered by China Leeham News and Analysis


Effective Control in Myanmar (PDF) Special Advisory Board for Myanmar (About). From the summary: “The National Unity Government of Myanmar (NUG), the legitimate government of Myanmar, has the greatest claim to effective control of the country. The Government of National Unity is at the center of a democratic revolution formed by the anti-military organizations of Myanmar, or resistance organizations. These organizations are the authorities De facto across more of Myanmar’s territory and for a larger population than the junta is running an increasing array of government jobs.” See here “effective control” as a characteristic of a sovereign state.

The head of the military council in Myanmar postpones the diplomatic elections of Al-Sham

Lambert here: If you want to see a real fascism in action, and what a real popular resistance looks like, follow Myanmar.


The most important cultural resource that India needs to protect is pluralism: Gopalkrishna Gandhi The Hindu

the two Koreas

Korean exports of main memory chip fell as demand cooled in Bloomberg

Queen Elizabeth

The American media’s overestimation of Queen Elizabeth II should make us grieve, and fear the rise of authoritarianism Will Bunch, Philadelphia Inquirer

How many ABC employees have been to London to visit the Queen? cricket


MEPs declare in a new report by EuroNews that Hungary is no longer a full-fledged democracy but an “electoral autocracy”.

Therese Coffey tells health workers to “stop using the Oxford comma,” The Telegraph. Paving the way for illiterate American MBAs to run the place, I think.

A new not cold war

Ukraine SitRep – Dam Hitting Threatens Ukrainian Forces – Russians Defeat More Counterattacks Alabama Moon. Al Jazeera: “It is not clear exactly why the Russians wanted to target the dam. But it may be because it is Zelensky’s hometown.” Well, read MoA.

* * *

The United States considers its aid to Ukraine to be effective, and it likely will not provide far-reaching systems at this time on CNN

Germany controls Rosneft FT oil refineries. Let me know how that works.

The German general did not see any real counterattack in Ukraine. Translated by Google; German origin.

Russian Mir credit cards rejected in Turkish hotels due to Western pressure on Ankara Middle East Eye. So governments are not sovereign when it comes to payment systems?

Pentagon aims to buy hypersonic missiles for $5M-10M per round DefenseScoop


Port Tracker Report reinforces expectations of lower import volumes over the remainder of the Logistics Management period for 2022

Hundreds of seafarers still stranded in Ukraine despite grain lane – Hellenic Shipping News

Sports office

The lack of a helmet in high school football increases costs and risks NYT (Re Silc).

Referee shortage fueled by incidents of marginalization amid football season WHEC


Apparently teens hacked Uber, staff thought it was a joke The Verge. Suspension:

dk alert reader Instructions: “Uber’s vSphere/VMware management layer has been hacked, harming the internal overview of the overviews. The important thing is that Uber may not be in a position to safely shut down a VM service without disrupting its processes in the process. This is not” Checkmate, he’s stealing the chessboard.

Boom and Bust: How NFTs Went the Way Beanie Babies Artnet News. This is a great shame.

Watch Imperial Collapse

An F-16 pilot died when his ejection seat failed. Was it fake? Air Force Times (Re Silc). Certainly an isolated incident.

guillotine clock

Neoliberal Twee Michael Lind, tablet. Cass Sunstein’s new book review. Good clean fun.

class struggle

Britain and the United States are poor societies with some very wealthy Financial Times

‘Keep on working’, says the restaurant attendant who watches the server outside the cheese start grating the onions

Fascinating fossils show an entire rainforest ecosystem – Scientific American

daily antidoteAcross):

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