Listed guitar shaped house for sale in Fayetteville

Atlanta, Georgia (CBS46) – The home for sale in Fayetteville is gaining national attention because of its unique shape.

The guitar-shaped home is listed on the real estate market in Fayetteville, Georgia, for $789,000.

The photo of the house was also posted to Instagram “Zillow Gone Wild” and garnered nearly 40,000 likes.

According to listed owner Julia & Partners, the five-bedroom, four-bathroom property has a backdrop that explains its musical design.

I promise you’ve never seen this before! ‘Guitar House’ is ready for the true connoisseur! The unique shape and floor plan will amaze you away! Designed as a guitar by country musician Elvis El Cardin. It was not only his home, it was his inspiration! One of his albums is titled Living in an Old Guitar “

According to the listing, there are also mature fruit trees including pears and figs on the property as well.

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