in In Ajoomma, Hong Huifang plays a Singaporean woman named Lim Bee Hwa who has spent most of her life providing for her family. She just enjoys going to dance lessons with her friends during the day and watching K-dramas on TV at home.

This idea leads her to plan a trip to Korea for her and her son (Shen Bao) for the holidays. After her son unexpectedly decides to leave early due to a job interview in New York, she chooses to cancel their trip. However, she decided to travel on her own after learning that the flight package was non-refundable. Bee Hwa’s journey in South Korea becomes difficult as she faces loneliness among a group of Chinese visitors. When she gets lost, things get even more difficult for her. She eventually becomes involved in the lives of Jung Su (Jung Dong-hwan) and Kwon-Woo (Kang Hyung Seok).

Hong Huifang does a great job portraying her character. It was great to watch her communicate in English, Chinese and a little Korean. Of course, Jung Dong-hwan’s part in the movie is what added to its entertainment value. Although he doesn’t talk much, his kind and affectionate nature made him a great counterpoint. The best thing about this movie is their chemistry together. The scenes where they try to understand each other while speaking in different languages ​​were really cool.

The car chase sequence, in which Lim Bi Hwa drives a car to try to protect Kwon Woo from loan sharks, was my particular favorite moment. The film’s use of comedic sequences was very interesting to watch. Kang Hyung-seok speaks fluent Chinese throughout the movie. I’m a huge fan of his Korean dramas, and I had no idea he could speak Chinese so well. It was fun to watch him show off his skills in this movie.

However, his plots lacked something approaching a smooth flow. We all knew that all he wanted was to return to his family, and in order to do that, he would have to pay off all his debts. However, he manages to get himself into trouble by misplacing a tourist, which gets him fired. It wasn’t really clear how he dealt with his problems. When his mother-in-law refuses to have anything to do with him at the beginning of the movie and won’t let him see his wife or daughter, he shows up at the airport with his child at the end. Then do you solve his problems? Is it completely debt free? Where did he get his money from? This is something we will never find out.

I found a puzzling scene: When the character (Yeo Jin Goo) in the TV drama Bee Hwa was watching finds her real mother, it is revealed that the mother character looks like her. I couldn’t understand the reason behind that. It may have been intended to reflect her desire to bond with her child, who left her to live in New York.

The movie used its own way of letting the audience know that understanding our problems and embracing them with kindness and forgiveness is the best way to move forward in life. They also make a wonderful point about how even in the most ordinary circumstances there can be little delights. Throughout the movie, we’re reminded of the character’s love of K-dramas, so when you’re really traveling to South Korea, all scenes are shot to accurately reflect what you saw on TV.

I was very surprised at how much I liked the movie. It really ranks among the most beloved movies I’ve seen this year.

-> Director: He Shuming

-> broadcast: Huifang Hong, Kang Hyung-seok, Jung Dong-hwan, Yeo Jin-goo, and Shane Pow

E value: 7

Work: 8

Land plot: 7

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