Live music venues: vita motus

deadmau5 and Plastikman-founded music platform PIXELYNX have announced a new collaboration with Vita Motus on their first game, ELYNXIR. Vita Motus’ VitaVerse platform, which allows users to virtually exist in live-streamed virtual worlds, will be the focus of the collaboration. Users can participate in live music venues where they can watch music broadcasts, chat with others, and dance with their virtual avatars. Through the collaboration, PIXELYNX and Via Motus hope to create a virtual experience that replicates the exciting aspects of real-life music events.

“Vita Motus shares our vision that live live events should be more than just live replicas of in-person events,” said PIXELYNX CEO and Co-Founder Inder Phull. “Their VitaVerse technology will allow ELYNXIR players to explore cutting-edge, fully immersive experiences mixed with their favorite friends and artists.”

Image credit: ELYNXIR

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