Lizzo People’s Champion speech highlights 17 activists at the People’s Choice Awards

  • Lizzo shared the stage with 17 activists after being announced as the People’s Champion at the People’s Choice Awards.
  • The American singer told the audience that she wanted to use her platform to “amplify marginalized voices.”
  • The “People’s Champion” called on the public to follow and support the activists.
American singer-songwriter Lizzo proved why she’s a People’s Champion with a heartfelt acceptance speech at the 2022 People’s Choice Awards.
Lizzo, whose real name is Melissa Vivian Jefferson, was announced as the recipient of the award as part of her impact on music and television, as well as her activism for diversity and inclusion.
Her mother, the 34-year-old, accepted the award, but when she took to the stage to accept it, Lizzo used her platform and acceptance speech to prove why she was the “People’s Champion.”

“Since the beginning of my career, I have used my platform to amplify marginalized voices.” she said, before telling the audience that she wanted to take part in the honoring of her award.

Lizzo — a Grammy and Emmy Award winner — was given a loud cheer when she greeted 17 activists to join her on stage.
Among the activists was Iranian-American actress and activist Yasmine Aker, who uses her platform to highlight the .

Tamika Palmer is another activist who has paid tribute to Lizzo. She is the mother of Breonna Taylor, who was shot and killed by police and whose death sparked protests in the United States as part of the Black Lives Matter movement.

Ms. Palmer continues to advocate for and seek justice for her daughter through the Breonna Taylor Foundation.

Lizzo shared her award with: Marie Coppini, Shirley Raines, Yasmin Acker, Emiliana Guerica, Esther Young Lim, Felicia V. Montes, Jayla Rose Sullivan, Kara Roselle Smith, Maggie Mirelles, Amelia Bono, Odilia Romero, Rabbi Tarlan Rabizadeh, Sahar Pirzada, Chandi Moore, Crystal Echo Hook and Reshma Sujani.

The power will always be for the people.


In the remainder of her speech, Lizzo introduced each activist and highlighted the work they do to improve their communities.
“The power will always remain with the people,” Lizzo said as she concluded her speech, calling on the public to follow and support the activists.
Now in its 48th year, the People’s Choice Awards honor people involved in entertainment across film, television, music, and pop culture.

Awards are decided by online voting from the audience.

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