Logan, Brisbane: Residents complain of loud noises from Wing drones

Residents in southern Brisbane feel ‘prisoned’ at home by the seemingly endless noise of drones flying overhead.

The Wing drone delivery company has been in Logan since 2019 and its popularity has grown rapidly over the years.

Wing previously said that Logan “has made a strong claim to be the drone delivery capital of the world,” and with more than 75,000 deliveries in the city so far this year, it’s easy to see why.

But locals are starting to get frustrated with the noise that deliveries are constantly making, with Logan resident Dan Ling saying, “It’s gone too far.”

We feel like prisoners because you hear his voice coming. “We have to close the front door,” he told A Current Affair.

“I actually think that devalues ​​the real estate that’s here as this stuff roams.”

Ling said eight drones flew over his house within an hour that day.

“I feel angry, I feel upset,” he said.

“It actually tires me out sometimes. You’re kind of chilling after working all day and hearing this loud noise.

“It’s like a mosquito so loud it gets louder and louder.”

But while some are against the service, others have completely jumped on it.

Dale Carter, who lives in the same suburb as Mr. Ling, makes several orders a day.

He has made so many orders that he has a cardboard box overflowing with delivery parcels that he uses to make art.

Mr. Carter said he was “used” to the noise.

“I don’t see much of a problem with that. You have the road here, you hear cars and trucks, it’s no different,” he said.

A spokesperson for Wing said he had only received three complaints about noise since their services began operating in the suburb of Logan last year.

“While we receive occasional feedback about noise, the number of complaints has been low in the context of the thousands of Logan customers who regularly use our service,” they told NCA NewsWire.

“While the number of complaints is low, we take any comments from the community about the noise very seriously.”

The company is also taking steps to reduce the noise its drones make.

“Wing takes into account all feedback we receive directly, and we make improvements in response to that feedback when possible,” a Wing spokesperson said.

“Last year we introduced a quieter model of drones in the Logan community that cut the volume of in-flight noise by about half, making it quieter than other normal neighborhood noise like a delivery car, street truck, or blower. Leaves or a lawn mower in the neighbor’s yard.

“We have taken steps to mitigate some of the feedback about the noise we received, including ensuring that orders with multiple items are grouped, reducing flights required for delivery and making changes to our routing to better disperse flights.”

Wing drone delivery services are also offered in Canberra.

Originally published as Angry Reason Residents of Logan Feel Like “Prisoners”

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