Loyal to the end: Sandy and Muek, the Queen’s adorable dogs, attend the funeral procession

The Queen’s dogs and one of her favorite ponies played an influential role in the final farewell to her loyal owner.
The carefully groomed little dogs – Muick and Sandy – one on a red lead and one on a blue one – were brought to the grounds of the Windsor Castle Quad for the arrival of the Queen’s coffin before her service at St George’s Chapel.

Emma the elephant pony, owned by the queen for 26 years, stood on the lawn beside the long walkway, when approaching the castle.

It was a moving scene as a solitary horse stood in a chasm between hundreds of thousands of floral motifs in the care of the groom and the Queen’s trusted principal at Windsor Castle, Terry Pendry.
Mr. Bender, in his bowler hat and black jacket and riding boots, bowed his head as the coffin passed.

Behind them were grooms from Royal Mews in Windsor wearing black badges in mourning.

Emma, ​​the Queen’s young pony, stands as the ceremonial procession of Queen Elizabeth II’s coffin arrives at Windsor Castle for the commissioning service at St George’s Chapel on September 19, 2022 in Windsor, England. source: GT / (Photo by Andrew Matthews – WPA Pool / Getty Images)

The black foal’s ear vibrated and moved its tail, stomping twice on the ground with one of its front hooves as its owner’s coffin passed through the state funeral with a military parade.

Mr. Pendry once described Emma as “a wonderful servant of Her Majesty” and one of her all-time favorite horses.

Elizabeth II was known for her love of her dogs and horses, as well as her passion for horse racing and the breeding of thoroughbred horses.

Mick and Sandy were in charge of two royals, in red coats, on Monday, and the pair took time to pet the dogs while one of the animals lay with its head on the ground.
The Queen owned more than 30 dogs during her lifetime.
Many of her dogs were direct descendants of Susan, who gave her a gift for her eighteenth birthday from her parents in 1944.

The Queen fell in love with her father’s dog, George VI Duque, a Pembrokeshire Corgi, and wanted one of her own.

Commissioning Service for Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II

Prince Andrew, Duke of York, pets the Queen’s dogs as she waits for the coffin of Queen Elizabeth II as she travels to Windsor Castle for the Commital Service at St George’s Chapel on September 19, 2022 in Windsor, England. source: GT / (Photo by Peter Nichols-WPA Paul/Getty Images)

Susan was so loved that she accompanied Princess Elizabeth on her honeymoon.

In 2021, the Queen was given two new puppies, a Dorje and a Corgi, as a gift from Prince Andrew while he was staying at Windsor Prison.
The pups kept the happy king entertained while the Duke of Edinburgh was at the hospital and Buckingham Palace and members of the royal family were dealing with the bitter fallout from the Sussex Oprah interview.

Queen Dorje Fergus was named after her uncle who was killed during World War I, and the Corgi Meek was named after Loch Muek in Balmoral County.

But the king was devastated when five-month-old Fergus died a few weeks later, in the wake of Philip’s death.
He was later replaced by a new corgi pup, from Andrew and Princesses Beatrice and Eugenie for her official 95th birthday, whom the Queen named Sandy.
Puppies designer Angela Kelly said the puppies have been a constant source of happiness for the Queen during the lockdown.

Muick and Sandy have now been transferred to Andrew.

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