Luzon network put on yellow and red alerts

The Philippine National Grid Corporation (NGCP) issued two yellow and one red alerts in the Luzon power grid on Monday after seven power generation units with a combined capacity of 4,509 megawatts experienced outages.

The red alert was from 1 PM to 4 PM, which was raised at 5:00 PM, on the other hand, the two yellow alerts were from 9 AM to 1 AM and from 4 PM to 9 PM. The yellow alert will be kept until 8:00 PM on Tuesday.

“Seven power plants are in forced outage, while three other plants are operating at stalled capacities, with a total of 3,627 megawatts missing from the grid,” the NGCP said in an advisory report. However, the specific power plants have not been disclosed by the system operator as of this writing.

NGCP said the network’s available capacity hovers at 10,693 MW; While the demand was 9,933 megawatts.

A yellow alert is issued when the excess power is insufficient to meet the regulatory and emergency requirements of the transmission network. It becomes a red alert if the balance of supply and demand worsens further, to the point of requiring alternating deep interruptions.

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The NGCP reported that several generators experienced forced outages, cutting a total of 3,448 MW from the Luzon network. These were the first 668 MW GNPower Dinginin (GNPD) unit in Bataan, the second 300 MW coal-fired power plant in Batangas, and 344 MW SMC Masinloc Power Partners. Ltd. (MPPCL) Coal Unit 2 and Masinloc 3 Unit 335 MW in Zambales; -MW Quezon Power Phils. Ltd. (QPPL) and the 47 MW Avion 1 plant in Batangas.

On the other hand, the generators in the planned outage included Angat Main Unit 4 (50MW), Angat AUX Unit 1 (6MW), Angat AUX Unit 3 (6MW), SLTEC I (123MW), Makban 4 (63MW), SLPGC 1 ( 150 megawatts), with a total capacity of 398 megawatts.

The downgraded plants were GMEC 2 – 285 MW (downgraded by 31 MW), MSLC1 – 125 MW (reduced by 190 MW), SLTEC 2-118 MW (downgraded by 6 MW), San Gabriel – 350 MW (reduced by 70 MW), Limay 8-420 MW (downgraded by 120MW), Magat – 160 MW (downgraded by (228MW)), GNPD 2-650 MW (understated by 18MW), With a total consumption of up to 663MW.

After the NGCP announcement, Energy Minister Rafael Lutila assured the public that there were no restrictions on fuel supplies. “We assure the public that the Department of Energy (DOE) is investigating the cause of the forced outages this morning as there appears to be no restrictions on the fuel supply. A DOE team will immediately conduct physical field checks and validate the condition, transmission lines, and power stations affected.”

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