Makati gets ‘unmodified’ COA opinion for fifth year

For five consecutive years, the Makati City Government has received an “unmodified opinion” from the Audit Committee (COA).

According to the COA, an unmodified or unqualified opinion is given to LGUs when “the auditor concludes that the financial statements have been prepared, in all material respects, in accordance with the applicable financial reporting framework.”

“I am very pleased with the results of the latest audit report. Makati obtained his first unmodified opinion in 2017, a year after becoming mayor. This achievement is a rare achievement and a strong affirmation of our efforts in ensuring fair and transparent administration,” said Mayor Abigail Benay.

In a letter to Binay dated June 29, 2022, Atty. Maria Carmina Polita Joguelon Pajayawan, Director of the Fourth National Capital Region at COA, said Makati was given an unmodified opinion due to its fairness in presenting the city’s 2021 financial statements.

Binay thanked COA for its “fair” assessment and the various departments of the city government for their dedication to complying with the laws regarding the disbursement of state funds.

“This fifth unmodified opinion demonstrates that even with pandemic restrictions, we have remained on track in following financial reporting and auditing standards,” she said.

She said she hopes the unconditional opinion will “instill confidence in our financial system, especially since our city is the financial capital of the Philippines and most multinational corporations and investors are here.”

Since 2017, Makati has embarked on reforms to enhance transparency, accountability, and efficiency in City Hall operations. One of the initiatives created under Mayor Abby to prevent middlemen is the Business One-stop Shop (BOSS), which allows licenses, approvals and permits to be processed and issued quickly.

During the pandemic, Makati implemented online tax payments to ease congestion at City Hall and prevent transmission of Covid-19.

In October 2021, the city opened its first office at the Makatizen Hub, a branch office in SM Makati where residents, workers and employers can obtain work permits and health certificates, pay real estate and business taxes, apply for a Makatizen Card, and obtain a digital vaccination certificate for individuals traveling to the outside.

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