Marie Osmond recalls how a producer who called her “fat” as a teenager led to body dysmorphia.

Marie Osmond highlights how harmful it can be to make comments about a person’s appearance.

The 63-year-old singer and TV personality told New York Post’s Page Six that a producer once scolded her for her weight while filming the popular 1970s variety show “Donnie and Mary,” which she and her brother Donny Osmond starred in when they were teenagers.

“I was pushed out backwards by some studio heads – and I was 5 years old [feet]5 [inches] And about 103 pounds,” Osmond said, recalling her weight at the time. “And he basically said, ‘You’re an embarrassment to your family.'” you are fat.'”

The message, she said, was that “250 people are going to lose their jobs because you can’t keep food off your fat face.”

That’s when extreme dieting became “the real deal for me,” she said, and she dropped down to “about 92 pounds.”

But she later had an “aha” moment that taught her that “body dysmorphia is a real thing.”

“I was in [a] “Dressing room, bent over wearing pantyhose, and there was a girl changing and she’s just a gaunt skeleton with her skin on her,” Osmond told Page Six. And I just thought, ‘Oh, my God, that’s so sick,’ and I stood up and realized the girl was me.”

Despite getting through “those really tough years” with the help of her parents, Osmond is still deeply involved in the diet culture. She has been a spokeswoman for Nutrisystem For years, and recently launched a weight loss program With the company for women over 55.

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