May I help you combine love, suspense and excitement

The The new Korean drama series May I Help You is a mixture of romantic comedy and fantasy, starring Lee Jun-Young and Lee Hye-ri, also known as Hyeri, as the two leads. Baek Dong Joo (Heri), a young funeral director with a magical gift for communicating with the dead. On the other hand, Kim Jip-Sa (Lee) works for his uncle to run the daily errand business and provides a variety of services. A sweet relationship develops between the two when their paths cross.

Fortunately, the series made a very strong first impression. The characters in the series are well presented, focusing on who they are rather than what they do. Since the concept of each story relates to death and life, each episode contains a collection of heartwarming stories that recall healing teachings.

Personally, I enjoy watching fantasy K-dramas. I think many K-drama viewers have a similar view. They often exude a distinct aura to them. This sentiment is present in May I Help You, but the fantasy side has been given less attention thus far.

I think this aspect will get more attention in the upcoming episodes. This strategy struck me as interesting. The chemistry between Hyeri and Lee is decent at most. Unlike some other dramas where the relationship between the two main protagonists is brought up quickly, I liked how the romance between the two wasn’t built too early on.

Instead of these two, the author intended to focus more on the core narrative. I love the slow way things were going between them. With this character, Hyeri looks a lot more organized, which I thought was a huge change. He gave me a convincing performance. It’s really not appreciated. I’m glad he picked up steam after such a great performance in Love and Leashes.

I can already see that this series will either end up being a fairly quiet drama without any exceptional scenes, which I am also happy about, or it will have a tragic twist like most fantasy shows. For the audience, the only way to appreciate this show is to not have any expectations to avoid letting it down by wanting more of it. This series might be a great choice if you are looking for something with drama, love and fantasy.

Can I Help You? Available to stream on Amazon Prime Video. New episodes air every Wednesday and Thursday, and the season finale is set for December 22nd.

Directors: Sim So-Yeon & Park Sun-Young

Cast: Hyeri, Lee Joon Young, Kim Ha Eun, Lee Kyu Han, and Park So Young

E value: 7

Work: 8

Land plot: 7

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