Maya Bank rolls out QR-platform in resume

PAYMAYA Philippines Inc. announced the launch of its Person-to-Merchant (P2M) payments platform last Tuesday using Quick Response (QR) codes in Central Visayas, starting from Bohol province.

“Not only small merchants and Filipino consumers enjoy a hassle-free payment experience for their day-to-day transactions with [the] Qatari Ryal [platform] But also creating a financial footprint that will give them access to more advanced banking services that you offer [the company]Mario M. Lazzaro, President of Paymaya Enterprise Business Unit, was quoted as saying in a statement.

Voyager Innovations Inc. It is a subsidiary of Voyager Innovations Inc. He said the Tagbilaran City Public Market was the beneficiary of the program in ceremonies led by Bank of the Philippines (BSP) and local government officials.

According to Lazzaro, the P2M platform dubbed “Paleng-QR Ph” is being spearheaded by the BSP and the Ministry of Home Affairs and Local Government (DILG). He added that it aims to “enable the Tagbilaran City Government to help public market vendors and tricycle drivers accept cashless payments from any customer via QR Ph, the state standard for QR payments.”

Since launching QR Ph in 2019 for in-person (P2P) payments and in 2021 for P2M payments, Lazaro claims his company has led financial institutions in rolling out the national standard. He said the company now has more than 800,000 commercial touchpoints supported by “Maya QR”.

“As long as we can,” Lazzaro said, “QR Ph.” [If it’s QR Ph, we’re okay.]

He said that “building nationwide ‘digi-palengkes'” is part of the company’s “LGU’s LGUs’, or Lead’s, program to “incubate and accelerate digitization”. Lazzaro said local government units (LGUs) are encouraging local merchants and constituents to digitize their transactions through the company’s “business-in-a-box” payment solutions and exchange tools.

He also claims that the company was the “first partner” of Philippine companies.

Paymaya Philippines is a subsidiary of Voyager Innovations, a wholly owned subsidiary of PLDT Communications and Energy Ventures Inc. The latter is a 99.9 percent owned subsidiary of Smart Communications Inc. which is a wholly owned subsidiary of PLDT Inc.

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