Meloni prepares to abolish Italy’s welfare state

The new Italian Prime Minister, Giorgia Meloni, has unveiled her first economic initiatives with a budget of €21 billion. The Italian government will no longer offer free aid to those who simply refuse to work. This shouldn’t be controversial.

For starters, anyone who qualifies for sponsorship must already reside in Italy. Those who are able to work will have eight months to find work before their free pay runs out. Alternatively, if someone turns down a job, they will be excluded from receiving welfare. Five-star national pay will be eliminated by next year as the system has been abused by many who simply do not want to work. They are also revising the pension system, but it is too late to save the pension funds.

Italy’s first female prime minister is also encouraging couples to start a family amid the birth rate crisis. A woman may take maternity leave for the sixth month and still receive 80% of her salary. Meloni lowers taxes on newborn and feminine hygiene items. Couples will receive a 50% increase in the “birth bonus”, and families with more than three children will receive more incentives. Italy needs future taxpayers.

Everyone cheered when America appointed its first female vice president, but Kamala Harris has done nothing for the women who still pay the pink tax and get no maternity leave. It’s amazing how controversial the move became with newspapers calling Meloni a fascist dictator for preventing working taxpayers from paying for the unemployed by choice.

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