Metrobank: Hill, Hardy, and the Prescient at 60

custodian of METROPOLITAN BANK and Trust Co. (Metrobank) has maintained its exceptional health and activity as one of the largest and strongest financial institutions in the Philippines for six decades now. Tested over time and amidst various market conditions, Metrobank’s strong business acumen has earned the public’s trust, with the assurance that you are “in good hands”, in fact, when it comes to growing your wealth.

Road to 60

While the road to sixty was not without its challenges and obstacles, it has always been beneficial when it comes to properly guiding Filipinos in their journey towards financial resilience and prosperity. Many of Metrobank’s stories revolve around how the bank is helping individual depositors and large corporations alike manage their finances and start using their hard-earned cash in smarter, more financially rewarding ways.

The keys to Metrobank’s success over the decades have been the smoothness in strategy and financial education that has empowered both individual depositors and corporate clients. As money management requires suitable solutions for both the beginner and the more discerning customer, the Bank has continued to innovate in its products and services to make them simpler and more sophisticated to suit the current and future needs of customers.

Decades worth of insights

Metrobank’s six decades of simplicity and sophistication have culminated in its latest initiative for high net worth clients called Wealth Insights. It is the bank’s online portal for the wealthy who want access to timely investment ideas, perspectives that broaden their understanding, and market-moving news that affects their fortunes.

“Customers are now investing savvier. At Metrobank, the challenge is keeping up with their evolving needs. With Wealth Insights, we can provide customers with relevant and timely local and global financial news, as well as insights from our in-house experts and CreditSights, the award-winning credit research provider awards,” said Fernand Antonio Tansengko, Senior Executive Vice President of Metrobank and Head of Financial Markets Sector.

Wealth Insights aims to make it easier for high net worth individuals to access relevant information and expert advice that will guide their investment decisions.

“With this, customers don’t have to do the time-consuming work of sifting through information and ideas to find relevant ones, giving them more time to do what matters to them,” he added.

With Wealth Insights, Metrobank lives up to its brand promise offering customized wealth management at your fingertips. It also reflects the bank’s commitment to being a reliable partner not only by offering a full range of financial products, but also valuable investment advice and recommendations so that they can better protect and manage their wealth.

Anyone can access Wealth Insights at any time and mine for free content, but bank customers have exclusive access to premium content that includes Portfolio Picks, where they can view Top Bond and Stock Picks of Metrobank based on research and internal analysis by its experts and CreditSights , a research company owned by Fitch.

To read more about Metrobank investment ideas and financial market insights, visit:

into the next decade and beyond

Thanks to Wealth Insights, which features content curated and moderated by Metrobank finance and investment experts, investors can better manage turbulent markets and the uncertainty they create.

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