Mexico’s chief of state security is among the five killed in a helicopter crash


The state’s governor said the chief of state security for central Mexico was among the five people who died in a helicopter crash.

“We deeply regret the passing of these five men,” Aguascalientes Gov. Teresa Jimenez said at a news conference Thursday, offering her condolences to the victims.

Among those killed in the crash of the Eagle 1 helicopter of the Secretariat of Public Security of the State of Aguascalientes was Porfirio Sánchez Mendoza, chief of security of Aguascalientes. The other four are the helicopter pilot, a captain and two gunners, Jimenez said.

Jimenez said investigations into the cause of the accident had begun but added that “everything points” to an accident and that she would share more details when the investigation was completed.

Jimenez also highlighted the “heroic” actions of the pilot who landed the helicopter in an empty lot rather than in a populated area.

Pictures of the incident showed the charred remains of a helicopter and police cars around a grassy area.

In 2018, a military helicopter carrying officials surveying earthquake damage crashed in the southeastern Mexican state of Oaxaca, killing more than a dozen people.

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