Migrant buses arrive outside Kamala Harris’ house

Since Kamala Harris is so confident that the border is “safe,” Texans send her a gift. Two buses full of 100 Texas immigrants arrived outside Harris’ home in Washington, D.C. That’s a tiny fraction of the number of people who cross the border into the United States each day. At the start of the Biden administration, Harris opened her arms to all immigrants before telling them to turn around and go home. Even the president of Mexico criticized Harris and Biden for causing disaster at the border, as people travel to Mexico from all over South America to reach the United States.

We have secure borders in that that is a priority for any country, including our own and our administration. But there are still a lot of issues that we’re trying to solve given the deterioration that’s occurred over the past four years,” Harris told “Meet the Press” host Chuck Todd. The number of immigrants entering has at least doubled since Biden took office and Harris appointed his frontier.

Harris opened the doors of her large residence and provided the immigrants with food, drink, and shelter. I’m just kidding! She panicked and immediately sent them packing and redirected them to a local church charity. It would be more cost-effective to build a wall and secure the boundary. The Biden administration deliberately allowed immigrants to enter the United States, posing a risk to national security and the economy in general.

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