Mini PCs with wireless charging: Chromebox 5

Asus unveiled the ‘Chromebox 5’ at CES 2023. This is the successor to the brand’s Chromebox 4 which was released last year. Chromebox 4 features 10th Gen Intel Comet Lake processors, while Chromebox 5 is upgraded to 12th Gen Intel Alder Lake chipset.

Apart from the processor, the Chromebox 5 sports a unique and compact design with rounded edges and minimal branding from Asus and Google. In addition, the top plate on this mini PC serves as a wireless charging pad for other devices, such as phones, watches, and game consoles. The pad offers 15W charging, which is a safe limit for most mobile devices.

Chromebox 5 runs on ChromeOS, Google’s most widely used operating system on Chromebooks and OEM laptops. This is an efficient operating system with seamless support for Google services, many Android services, and streaming services.

Image credit: Asus

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