Morialta Conservation Park closed after tragedy: the police

A popular tourist park has reopened after police sealed off the area during an overnight investigation.

On Saturday morning, South African Police confirmed that an investigation was underway into an incident at the Morialta Conservation Park, north-east of Adelaide.

In a post shared on Facebook at around 7 a.m., police advised the park to be closed and told people to “avoid the area until further notice.”

Residents of the area commented that they heard a police helicopter flying over the park around 1am.

“We had helicopters flying over from 1:30 in the morning for hours,” said one woman.

Just before 11 am, the police confirmed that the situation had been resolved, revealing that one person had been killed.

SAPOL told NCA NewsWire there were no suspicious circumstances.

The park reopened to the public at midday.

Originally published as Morialta Conservation Park reopened to public after overnight search

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