Moscow is allegedly preparing to deport some 100,000 Ukrainians back to Russia

Perhaps Russian officials and the occupation authorities are preparing a mass deportation of Ukrainian citizens from the occupied territories to the Russian Federation.

US media giant Bloomberg reports that Russia’s prime minister, Mikhail Mishustin, issued a government order in mid-December on “revenue mobilization” that earmarks up to €2.5 billion in additional spending for what Moscow calls “possible resettlement” of residents. Kherson region of Russia.

Ukrainian Deputy Prime Minister Irina Vereshuk responded to the Russian government’s order, indicating that Russian officials and occupation authorities may be planning to deport more than 100,000 residents of the Kherson region to Russia amid fears that Russian forces may lose more territory in war-torn Ukraine.

Vereshchuk also said that Russian officials have forcibly resettled an unspecified number of Ukrainian citizens to 57 regions of Russia, including the Far East and Siberia.

Deportation in wartime

The ISW continues to assess that the forcible deportation of Ukrainian nationals to the Russian Federation likely amounts to a campaign of deliberate ethnic cleansing, in addition to clear violations of the Convention on the Prevention and Punishment of the Crime of Murder. Genocide.

The think tank says that the Russian occupation authorities are struggling to force the population in the occupied territories to accept Russian passports.

Ukraine mass deportation

According to the Deputy Prime Minister of Ukraine, Irina Vereshuk, Russia continues to resettle Ukrainian citizens.

Russia-appointed Zaporizhzhia regional governor Yevhen Paletsky reported that Russian authorities are looking for more staff to work at the Zaporizhya Nuclear Power Plant (ZNPP), as about 1,500 ZNPP workers refused to accept Russian passports and sign a contract with Rosatom Nuclear Power. Factory to receive access permits to ZNPP.

In addition, the ISW said that Russian authorities continue to import Russian citizens to work in civilian roles in occupied territories.

The Kremlin has not commented on the reports of forced deportation or “liquidation” of Ukrainian citizens to Russia.

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