Multiplayer Dance Games: Just Dance 2023

Ubisoft has announced “Just Dance 2023,” the 14th annual release of the action-focused dance game. The company has stated that Just Dance 2023, unlike previous iterations, will feature a live service game model. This means that the game will be updated periodically with free content, will include live action and gameplay events, and will have a number of game modes focused on multiplayer.

Just Dance 2023 will allow up to six players to dance online simultaneously. These players can compete for score and accuracy, or they can play for fun on the move and stay active. Additionally, these players can interact with each other either through text chat or quick access emotes, allowing for collaboration, such as deciding which song to play or which game mode you want to participate in.

Furthermore, Ubisoft has stated that Just Dance 2023 will be more visually advanced, featuring 3D worlds rather than generic animated backgrounds.

Image Credit: Ubisoft

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