Naked Capitalism: Lambert, an Unexpected Optimist Speaks….and Asks for Support

by Lambert Strether of Corrente.

Yes, I’m Lambert Streither, writing a post called Optimist Speaks. [gasp]. “how is that possible?” (I hear you ask). Let me break my usual record of light sarcasm and explain.

Only optimists – people who believe a better world is possible – can tackle the massive amount of propaganda, misinformation, misinformation, and outright lying that we tackle here at Naked Capitalism while not giving in to denial, fantasy, tribalism, or nihilistic self-indulgence, and keeping (I hope you’ll agree) heads And calm hearts.

And we harness our upbeat moods for you, dear readers, by providing truly unparalleled daily link combos, along with in-depth coverage of the day’s crucial events. Because of your support, we’re optimistic enough to believe we don’t need to win over anyone.

You may have disagreed with our views on the Great Financial Crash, the Greek financial crisis, the Covid pandemic, or the war in Ukraine, but you will. Always I know why we got to them. Which is why we hope you’ll support us, at Tip Jar.

Because of your support, we are optimistic enough to believe that all of us, in the comments section, can enjoy the many absurdities, learn, exchange ideas, and protect each other from the harms to come.

Finally, we’re optimistic enough to believe that we can perform this fundraising swan dive year in and year out, coming up with 10 seconds across the board, this year as in years past.

However – it pains me to say this – we don’t have enough people cheering in the stands. In fact, some seats are empty. Last year at this point in our fundraising campaign we had to upload Target number of donors from 1,100 to 1,325. We haven’t gotten to that point yet this year. So dig deep. Boost our optimism. Now is the time!

However, I have personal reasons – other than my sunny mood – to be optimistic. Let me turn this post into an IM Doc for a moment:

Very early on, after reading your research, we started putting Corsi-Rosenthal boxes in the office.

I’ve never heard of this before and it’s still about cockroaches in this issue in the medical literature.

I have the lowest employee infection rate of any office, and most importantly, no infected patients in my office have been found in any contact tracing. .

This means that the work we do here at Naked Capitalism has already saved some people from suffering or even death by preventing infection.[1]. I’m an old school blogger, so I’m used to directing or modifying speech, but I never imagined, not in my wildest dreams, that I’d be involved in a life-saving operation. However you are. This makes me optimistic.

This should also make you an optimist. Much of what goes through for reports and opinions in our famous free press is meant to make us all feel powerless. In fact, when people work together, change can happen. So keeping most of us distracted and fearful is the key to maintaining the status quo that serves 0.1% and many servants. This is why, dear readers, we hope you will dig deep to help us all work together, by flipping through the donation page.

And the main tool that gives us strength is critical thinking skills (which is how we built a reputation with IM Doc that he trusted us enough to embrace our research). Refining and spreading critical thinking skills, as it happens, is the editorial mission of Naked Capitalism.

Critical thinking is also fundamentally optimistic: understanding can bring about change. What we do here is the way, although sometimes it ends up feeling like we’re holding fast to our opinions. We go where information takes us and have a better understanding of institutions and power dynamics.

Critical thinking means we can support you in a crisis, whether the crisis is mortgage abuse and foreclosure, the health care system abyss, or a pandemic. Sometimes critical thinking culminates in very practical — and empowering — advice on solar panels, home maintenance, wood stoves, Medicaid assistance, and many other topics. And if things are going to get more difficult, the community where you can get an alert, as well as practical and psychological support, becomes even more important.

You can enhance our collective sense of optimism by making a donation here. If you can give a little, give a little. If you can give a lot, give a lot. If you’ve already given, consider “paying it up front” by making a donation on behalf of those who would like to but can’t. You will invest in a community where critical thinking skills save lives.


[1] I think this is true not only for CR funds, but for other non-pharmaceutical interventions that we have worked on collectively, transparently and through, such as masks, Povidone Iodine, etc.

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