NSW FOGO Bin: 290,000 homes to get new green lid bin service to reduce household food waste

Approximately 290,000 households will be eligible for an upgraded coffee service in exchange for a $6.2 million payment from the NSW Government.

An additional 14 councils will receive funding to start the Organic Food and Garden Organics (FOGO) waste collection service.

It features a green lid, meaning food waste and home gardening will be recycled into compost, rather than creating emissions as it decomposes in a landfill.

Unlike a regular compost bin, all foods can be placed in the bins with a green top, including meat and bones.

With food waste accounting for more than a third of all landfill landfill, Environment and Heritage Minister James Griffin said it was a “simple and effective measure” people could take to become more sustainable.

He said, “It is a new service that will allow families to put food waste in bins with a green lid along with their garden waste, where it will be composted and given new life.”

For most NSW councils, food waste can only be placed in red-lid bins which are destined for landfill. In Randwick East Council in Sydney, the introduction of the FOGO group in March 2021 reduced landfill waste by 28 per cent in just four months.

The environmental benefits continued to compound.

“Delivering FOGO services in Randwick has had exceptional results, preventing more than 26,000 tons of food and garden waste from going to landfill in the first 18 months, which is the equivalent of taking at least 9,000 cars off the road,” said El Sayed. Griffin.

On boards such as the Inner West, where some households have four bins (a red waste bin, a yellow recycling bin, a green garden waste bin, and a purple food waste bin), the purple bin will be removed, with the green bin going to the FOGO bin.

In order to help spread FOGO, nine boards and Riverina and Murray’s joint organization were awarded a total of $6.2 million. Different councils were awarded different amounts based on the number of households and change of service required, which included steps such as buying new baskets, education campaigns, and trials.

As a result, the amount of funding varied greatly between councils.

For example, Muswellbrook Shire Council in the Upper Hunter region received $62,060 to connect 6,206 households with the FOGO group, while Cumberland City Council, where 74,361 households are identified to access the service, was awarded $1,834,740.

Originally published as 290,000 homes to get FOGO green lid container service, to reduce household food waste

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