Nuclear war to save the plan

Suspension: Great article on nuclear war and saving the planet. Forgot to mention Hiroshima And Nagasaki. “Science” says that both cities should have been uninhabitable for 1,000 years after the nuclear war. However, their population doubled in the 20 years after they were shot? Hiroshima’s population is now nine times greater than it was in 1945. In 1945, after the atomic bomb, it was 137,000. Now they have 1.2 million people? Does not make sense!


reply: you are right. I’ve even visited the area. I didn’t think to add that. The idea that a nuclear attack will permanently poison the region is also bad science just like climate change and the Earth will all fry because of carbon dioxide. I somehow believe that not only would cockroaches survive a nuclear blast, but I get this weird feeling, and so do the folks at the World Economic Forum.

Why do the neoconservatives want war with Russia?

Russia is preparing to invade NATO »

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