Oversized Smartphone Decoration Grips: Dimensionals PopSockets Series

The PopSockets Dimensionals series is a collection of limited edition accessories for smartphone users to place on their devices as a way to enhance style and functionality.

The collection includes Tiger’s Eye and Heavy Metal grips, which are each crafted with premium materials and maintain an oversized design that makes them hard to miss. The brand has partnered with artist Glaive to showcase the accessory’s hyper-dimensional design.

The PopSockets Dimensionals Series takes an unexpected approach to smartphone accessories and embraces opulence for users to appreciate. The accessory matches your choice of smartphone and is embellished with crystals to enhance the extravagant nature. The accessories are exclusively available directly from the brand and are likely to be a must-have for those looking to upgrade their mobile devices in a flashy way.

Image credit: PopSockets, hypebeast, popsockets

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