Paris 2024 Mascot: Here is where the clitoris is

the main points
  • France has revealed its mascot for the 2024 Olympic Games.
  • Netizens say it looks like a giant clitoris in trainers.
  • The former Olympic mascot has received phallic comparisons.
France has unveiled its official mascot for the 2024 Olympic Games, to a wave of derision online, with many comparing it to the most sensitive area of ​​an erogenous woman.

Among those making the comparison was the Museum of the Vagina, which took the opportunity to use its mascot to educate readers with a sex education class.

“We just published a new guide to the anatomy of the clitoris!” The Vagina Museum, a London museum dedicated to the female reproductive system, wrote on Twitter.

“Here are the parts of the inner and outer organ.”

Phrygian hat? What is the mascot supposed to be?

The actual design of the mascot is supposed to resemble a Phrygian hat, also known as the hat of liberty, which is associated with the French Revolution of 1789.
Phrygian hat, or red cap In French, during the Revolution to symbolize that a slave became free.

It’s also the hat that the Smurfs cartoon characters wear.

But some say the mascot is like a “clitoris in a sneaker.”

“France, you are educating those who need to know where their clitoris is! (Hint)…it’s above the trainers,” one Twitter user wrote.

Previous mascots weren’t much better

Sexual comparisons were also commonly made to previous Olympic mascots.

In 2012, London Olympics mascots Wenlock and Mandeville received backlash for resembling penises.

London 2012 Paralympic Games mascot “Madville” outside the Olympic Stadium in the Olympic Park in Stratford in London, Britain, August 28, 2012. source: Environmental Protection Agency / Andy Raine

One Twitter user wrote in 2012: “Truth. The London Olympic mascots are a) awful and b) a penis.

The Paris Olympics start on July 26, 2024.

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