Taylor Swift takes us through all her glorious and haunting late-night thoughts on her latest record, Midnight

as such As much as other artists get personal with their music, no one comes close to Taylor Swift. Since her career blossomed in Nashville in 2006, Swift has built a reputation for detailing her personal affairs in her music — to the point of being very literal.

In fact, with each new record from Swift comes a whole new level of success, musical sound and rounds of speculation. Her latest release is in the studio, midnight is no exception. While her two previous records consisted of telling fairy tales, midnight You see the singer returning to her autobiographical style.

But this time around, the movie centers on Swift’s “13 sleepless nights” scattered throughout her life. They are real “a set of music written in the middle of the night, a journey through horror and sweet dreams.”

And in those midnight moments, Swift indulges in self-loathing, fantasizing about revenge, and contemplating what could have been, falling in love, and falling apart.

Go to the core

Although Swift has always maintained a sense of honesty and vulnerability in her music, her openness and transparency midnight Presentations are on a whole new level. It is certainly fair to call midnight Swift’s most personal project to date.

Here, Swift doesn’t really hold back when speaking her truth and sharing it. So much so that it is downright painful at times. Like when Swift discusses her concerns in the lead song, against the hero.

Although she mentioned them in many previous tracks like archer (2017) or Tears on my guitar (2006), against the hero Intense details about the many things she hates about herself – from her physical appearance to her personality, and even her fear of her future daughter-in-law whom she hates.

It also delves into its approach to relationships in Mastermind. Encapsulated in the sounds of electro-pop, the last standard tune shows how meticulously she plans things in her relationships.

And while doing so, she reveals her fear of loss and abandonment that arose from her experience with being bullied.

As such, these discoveries give fans and critics alike a closer look and a better understanding of Swift as a whole. This also naturally increases her bond with them.

Additionally, these realizations also show how mature Swift is in her mindset. Listeners will be happy to know that Swift no longer has a black and white view of things.

reflect pop

But of course, in classic Taylor Swift style, the confessions here are perfectly rendered by catchy and infectious melodies. Swift looked to her dear friend and longtime collaborator Jack Antonoff to craft the sound she wanted.

In the past, Swift has generally stuck to producing radio-friendly songs – be it country or pop.

However, when introduced to Antonov, the 32-year-old ventured slowly out of the mainstream. Here, for example, Swift embraces softer, moodier pop colors.

My profile is Lavender HazeAnd the You are on your own boyAnd the LabyrinthAnd the KarmaAnd the Great WarAnd the It was possible, could, should do. These tracks, in particular, seemed a perfect fit for Swift.

Unfamiliar area

Perhaps it was because I felt comfortable with Swift’s more upbeat and upbeat tunes, but I couldn’t respond to certain offerings from midnight.

Tracks like maroonAnd the flawAnd the dear reader I lost a little bit. even with Watch Sh*tIt doesn’t look like Swift was in her natural element.

Her dark side and sharpness definitely felt more credible in melodies like Better than revenge And the Look what you made me do. Apart from that, Swift has collaborated with Lana Del Ray on Snow falling on the beach I felt inferior. While I very much enjoy the end product, the track can definitely use a remix.

Seeing how Swift excitedly announced that Lana would be featured, it was disappointing that Lana’s contribution could barely be heard in the final version.

So, I think the track could have done more if Lana had been given a more prominent role.

End on a good note

midnight It is definitely another great record for Taylor Swift. Although not my favorite, Swift’s latest offering was definitely a good trip into the world of Swift after a two-year hiatus.

And look at how to do it midnight More a reflection than a reinvention, I’ve had the pleasure of seeing and enjoying all the familiar elements of Swift from all of her musical eras on one record.

Revisiting the last sixteen years certainly worked well for Swift.

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