Peru: Protester killed as anti-government violence spreads in tourist city


One protester has been killed and at least 19 Peruvian police officers have been injured in anti-government clashes in Cusco as officials in the tourist city put health facilities on high alert.

A statement from the interior minister said protesters tried to enter Alejandro Velasco Astete International Airport during the curfew on Wednesday. It added that the injured officers had head bruises and bruises.

It was later reported that a member of the city’s Anansaya Urinsaya Ccollana de Anta indigenous community had been killed, bringing the nationwide death toll to 48 since protests began in December following the ouster of former left-wing president Pedro Castillo, according to the Peruvian. Ombudsman report.

“We demand an immediate investigation to find those responsible for the death and to move forward with relevant penalties,” the Reuters news agency quoted the Ombudsman as saying in a statement.

A police officer prepares to fire tear gas canisters at protesters in Cusco.

The Ministry of the Interior reports that the Cusco Provincial Health Department has put all health institutions on high alert.

Reuters reported that thousands paid tribute to the dead by parading coffins through the streets of Juliaca, the city where nearly half of the deaths occurred, before burying them alongside photos of the victims.

Peruvians carrying black flags also marched through the streets of the Puno region, some chanting “The bloodshed will never be forgotten!”

On Tuesday, the Peruvian Attorney General’s Office launched an investigation into the new president, Dina Boloart, and high-ranking ministers over the bloody clashes that engulfed the country in the wake of Castillo’s ouster.

The demonstrators are calling for Boulwart’s resignation, the dissolution of Congress, the amendment of the constitution and the release of Castillo.

But the new government won a vote of confidence in Congress by a wide margin on Tuesday night. A loss would have led to a cabinet reshuffle and the resignation of Prime Minister Alberto Otarola.

The vote of confidence, a constitutional requirement after a new prime minister takes office, was passed by 73 votes to 43, with six abstentions.

The investigation comes after at least 18 people have been killed since Monday night during demonstrations in the southern region of Puno, including a Peruvian policeman killed by protesters.

Police confirmed to CNN Espanol Tuesday that Peruvian officer Jose Luis Sonko Quispe died Monday night after he was attacked by “unidentified persons” while on patrol in Puno.

“We regret the sensitive death of José Luis Sonko Quispe. We extend our condolences to his closest family and friends. Rest in peace, my police brother!” the Peruvian National Police wrote on Twitter.

A curfew will be imposed from 8pm to 4am local time to “preserve the life, safety and freedom of citizens” in the aftermath of the conflicts in Puno, the cabinet tweeted on Tuesday.

The latest unrest has proven to be the worst violence in Peru since the 1990s when the country saw clashes between the state and the Shining Path rebel group. The violence has left 69,000 people dead or missing over two decades, according to Reuters.

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