PETA targets offensive billboards at Jucy Lucy Burger restaurant in Minnesota

Minneapolis – It’s an attention-grabbing campaign attacking the Minnesota tradition – Juicy Lucy Burger.

The billboard targets the famous Minnesota cheeseburger with “Juicy Lucys Tear Families Apart.” To bring the point home, the sign is above Ray J’s American Grill in Northeast Minneapolis, which sells Jucy Lucy.

“It’s kind of a little cluttered, I’d say it’s a low place to put it,” said Alex Ranta, who noticed the sign after eating a burger for lunch at Ray J’s. “People choose what they choose to eat, regardless of the signs.”

Jeff Anchos thinks the bulletin board is in perfect shape.

It’s funny, it’s smart, it’s pointy because they sell it there, and that’s why it’s there,” Anshus said. “I think this is a busy, busy corner that will at least make people look at it and think.”



The president of People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals says the purpose of this billboard is to encourage people to become vegetarian.

Ingrid Newkirk, PETA President, said in a statement:

“The bond between a mother cow and her calf is so strong that they both scream for days after they were cruelly separated for use in the meat and dairy industries. PETA urges everyone to remember the cruelty that was baked into these burgers and instead choose one of the delicious vegetarian options currently available on the market.”

While Ray J’s is best known for its burgers and wings, it offers vegetarian options including a veggie burger and broccoli substitute wings.

“I think we need more vegetarian options, we need all cheat meats and all that kind of thing, but we definitely need to think about where we get our food and what we consume,” Anshus said.

PETA claims to have also put up the billboard near Matt’s Bar and Grill, and other places serving Juicy Lucys, but WCCO-TV’s Marielle Mohs and photographer Tom Aviles didn’t find them walking around Friday.

WCCO reached out to Ray J’s for comment, and they declined.

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