Police investigate viral video of cyclists attacking motorist in emergency lane

IPOH: Police are investigating a viral video that shows a group of motorcyclists scolding a motorist in the emergency lane at KM 370 north of the north-south highway near Sungkai yesterday.

Muallem Subt Muhammed Husni Muhammed Nasir, police chief, said a report was filed and investigations found that the 34-year-old Mazda SUV driver, who was traveling from Kuala Lumpur to Ipoh, stopped at the emergency lane because his pregnant wife was feeling sick. .

“Once he was about to continue his journey, the Toyota Alphard MPV suddenly entered the lane causing him to brake suddenly.

“At that moment the Yamaha Y15ZR motorcycle that was going through the driveway managed to brake but collided with another Honda RS150R motorcycle and hit the MPV.

“Shortly afterwards, a Benelli RFS150 motorcycle collided with a Honda RS150R from behind, and angry at the collision, motorcyclists began to vent their anger at the Mazda SUV driver,” he said in a statement today.

“All motorcyclists sustained minor injuries while vehicles sustained minor damage,” he said while advising the audience to stop sharing the video.the name of the thing

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