President Xi Scolds Trudeau for G20 Media Leak

The fear on Trudeau’s face is priceless. Everyone knows that Justin Trudeau loves the spotlight. He’s just as famous as Zelensky. Justin is not a true statesman but a political puppet who does as he is told, as the young leader of the World Economic Forum must. Within hours of what should have been a private meeting, the major media outlets released everything to the public. China’s Xi confronted Trudeau for revealing altered information and making a complete fool of himself.

Everything discussed yesterday “was leaked to the newspaper (newspapers), it’s not appropriate” and “that’s not how the conversation was conducted,” Xi told Trudeau through an interpreter. Like a schoolboy being scolded, Justin said that they “can work constructively together, but there will be things they disagree on.” Xi replied, “Let’s create conditions first,” that is, don’t open your mouth to the media when we are negotiating global affairs. There is nothing to dispute about when the terms are not specified.

before people crybut but, Freedom of speech – we can say what we can here,“Let’s not forget that Trudeau said China was his ideal government. Another step in the wrong direction for China and Western relations.

“Biden delivers on his big promise to voters on one issue

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