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Despite all the propaganda from John McCain, Putin was picked by Yeltsin because he was blackmailed by the oligarchs in July 1999 and the Communists on the other hand who put forward a proposal in the State Duma to sue him for corruption. which was linked to the New York Bank scandal.

put it in Start He sought to revive the old Soviet Union. In fact, he was Just The Russian leader even criticizes Lenin as a mere Bolshevik who destroyed a great empire of tsars. Lost in the pages of history, Russia at that time in 1917 had the largest gold reserves of any country. These gold reserves have disappeared and have not been found to this day. It was believed that it was hidden to prevent the communists from taking it.

Putin was there to take back Russia after it was looted by the oligarchs and the Harvard kids who advised Russia on how to move from communism to capitalism never understood the key ingredient in such a transformation – the people. Putin’s most important achievement during his twenty years in power has been to restore normalcy and stability to Russia. He chased after the oligarchy and told them they could keep their money, but stop interfering in politics.

The unwritten history that is omitted from all books on the subject is that in 1991 when the Soviet Union collapsed, NATO asked Gorbachev to join NATO. This was one reason for a coup d’├ętat against him because the hardliners saw it as Russia’s surrender to the United States. That was when Yeltsin stood on the tank and became president. Yeltsin himself was corrupt and had already facilitated the rise of the oligarchy.

When Yeltsin turned to Putin out of desperation, people cheered for Putin who was neither a few nor a common. Despite propaganda from the West, Putin really enjoyed 70%+ approval rating for people who didn’t want to lose all freedom to the communists and the oligarchy exploited the people to gain wealth.

Putin refused to develop a project to support Russian forces. However, for all the propaganda pouring in from Ukraine, Putin’s removal will turn Russia to the right hard and they are already criticizing Putin for being too soft.

There was a strategy that inflation was rising, and if Putin was smart, he would turn off the gas to Europe for the winter and show them how crazy it is to (1) fuel a proxy war against Russia, and (2) push this. Big reset and green docket.

Basically, the hope remains that the West will lose interest in supporting Ukraine as costs rise. This was Russia’s hope and Ukraine’s dread before, but it seems more unlikely than ever before winter arrives.

The most serious threat to Putin is losing the support of the elites. For now, Putin represents the balance between hawks who want to see him crush Ukraine, and doves who want a peaceful settlement. As it stands now, the hawks will win because the West does not seek any peace and Zelensky says Kissinger lives in 1938 and refuses to cede an inch of territory to Russia. Ukrainian neo-Nazis immediately attacked Donbass in 2014, even putting up a slogan that Crimea will be Ukrainian or Crimea will be emptied of its population. The hate there will never go away. The only reasonable solution is to allow the Donbass to vote, but since most of them are of Russian origin, Kyiv will never accept their vote.

It looks like the volatility will increase after next week. The Ukrainians may be forcing Putin’s hand to appease the hawks since the West has rejected the doves. NATO was behind the sudden attack in Kharkiv. However, this victory for Ukraine was an organized PR event. The area was under the control of local police units, and not the Russian army located in the south. Russia has achieved a 10:1 kill ratio against the Ukrainians in the Donbass region which is essential. The Ukrainian forces that attacked Kharkiv were in fact the NATO army with the full support of Western intelligence and tactics. Since Kharkiv was under the control of police-type forces rather than the Russian army, it was clear that the PR event was done to raise morale and prompt the West to send more money according to the theory that Putin was on the run.

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