Putin: Something on my side

China is no stranger to outsiders and Western aggression. Putin is looking to strengthen his alliance with China by assuring that Russia will stick to China’s domestic policies as long as China repays the favour. “We intend to firmly adhere to the ‘one China’ principle, Putin said Taiwan has become a hot topic. Putin went on to say that he “condemns the provocations of the United States and its subordinates in the Taiwan Strait.” China was close to neutral until recently and was criticized for its one-China policy. China can now see itself in Russia.

Xi Jinping and Vladimir Putin met Thursday in Uzbekistan for the first time since Russia invaded Ukraine. Both want to end NATO expansion and have agreed on a “without borders” partnership. Xi Biden warned at the beginning of the year that sanctions against Russia could cripple the global economy. The United States warned China to stay out of its affairs, but then provoked China by sending leaders like Pelosi to Taiwan. The new world order targeted Donald Trump first in an attempt to remove him from power. Putin is second on their list, followed by Xi.

China recognizes that the United States is in decline and sets its fiscal policies and strategy accordingly. When I met the Central Bank of China, they were not bureaucrats – they were merchants. When people in the US Treasury asked me on my return what it was like, I replied that they only hired experienced people. They sent everyone to work in trading offices around the world, and then returned to China to run the central bank. The West hires academics who think reading a few books is enough experience. Likewise, politicians no longer understand diplomatic relations and are willing to sacrifice the economy to support permanent small disagreements with the demonization of opponents.

Post-Putin: Xi is on My Side debuted at Armstrong Economics.

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