Qantas CEO Alan Joyce ambushes “Aussie Cossack” on the street

On the street, Qantas CEO Alan Joyce confronted a notorious anti-lockdown leader – who also supports Vladimir Putin – over the airline’s Covid vaccine mandates.

In a video uploaded to YouTube, Mr Joyce appears to stop to take what he believes is a selfie with Semyon Boykov, known online as “Ossie Kozak”, on Sydney’s George Street.

Mr. Joyce then points out the fact that it’s not just an innocent photo shoot when Mr. Boikov asks “Who do you work for?”

The Qantas CEO leaves, but Boykov continues to follow him down the street.

“Why didn’t you allow people who hadn’t been stabbed to work, my friend? That’s a bit of a stigma,” he says.

“Why are you doing this?” Mr. Joyce asks.

Boikov claims it’s “just getting a selfie” but Mr Joyce tells him it’s “annoying”.

“No, you’re just a disgrace,” Boykov replied, before Mr. Joyce repeated the same words to him.

Boykov continues to follow Mr. Joyce, telling him that he “discriminates” against the unvaccinated.

Mr. Joyce tells Boykov to “stop it” before things escalate further.

Boykov calls him a “caterpillar,” to which Mr. Joyce replies, “Damn it.”

Boykov tells Mr. Joyce that he caught him on camera, laughs, and says goodbye.

Mr Boykov was granted early release from prison in September after he deliberately revealed the suppressed name of an accused pedophile to his followers at a rally – in breach of strict court orders, according to The Daily Telegraph.

He was sentenced to 10 months in prison in May.

Boikov posts videos on his YouTube supporting the Russian invasion of Ukraine and condemning Covid vaccination.

Qantas Group announced in August last year that all of its employees, including those of Jetstar, would need to be fully vaccinated against Covid.

Frontline staff – including cabin crew, pilots and airport workers – needed to be fully vaccinated by November 15 last year and the rest of the staff by the end of March this year.

“We realize there will be a very small number of people who decide not to get vaccinated, and that is their right, but it is our responsibility to provide the safest environment possible for our employees and customers,” Mr. Joyce said at the time. .

Qantas said a survey of staff – sent to 22,000 with 12,000 replies – found 4 per cent were unwilling or unable to get a jab.

Originally published as ‘F*** off’: Qantas chief Alan Joyce ambushed by ‘Aussie Cossack’ on the street

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