Queen Elizabeth dies: Anthony Calla performs memorial service in Canberra, says Albanese PM

Anthony Albanese has revealed that a surprise offer to Queen Elizabeth was given the nod to perform at Queen Elizabeth’s memorial service.

Australians will have a one-off national day of mourning for the late king on Thursday, the holiday coinciding with a memorial service.

The prime minister told Sky News that the event, which will take place at Parliament House in Canberra, will feature singer Anthony Calla and TV presenter Melissa Doyle.

“It will be an important day to pay tribute to the life and service of Queen Elizabeth II,” Mr. Albanese said.

Prime Ministers, senior ministers, Supreme Court justices and federal parliamentarians have been invited to the service, which will feature a “brief tribute” from Prime Minister and opposition leader Peter Dutton.

Albanese, who is personally inclined towards Australia to become a republic, dismissed critics who criticized the prime minister for refusing to participate in the debate shortly after the queen’s death.

“I have a responsibility to represent the nation at this time,” he said.

“Of course, there has always been discussion about our Constitution and those issues, and it is up to people to act on what they think is right.

“I think it is very important during this period of mourning, that I express the view that the nation feels greatly at this time, which is a period of mourning, but also a period of thanksgiving.”

Mr Albanese, who met his British counterpart Liz Truss and King Charles on Sunday night, is due to attend a reception for world leaders at Buckingham Palace.

The guest list is expected to include US President Joe Biden and Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, as well as working members of the royal family.

Mr Albanese said he had a “positive” meeting with Ms Truss and suggested he had raised issues such as the trade agreement and AUKUS with the new British prime minister.

However, as Britain is currently a period of mourning, no official reading of the meeting has been made available.

The state funeral for Queen Elizabeth will be held on Monday evening, Australian time.

Originally published as Surprise Act for the address of the Queen’s Memorial in Canberra

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