Queensland, NSW shook by wild weather: 250mm of rain, flooding and thunderstorms

Southeast Australia was hit by severe storms overnight, with a total of 250mm of rainfall over just three hours.

The Bureau of Meteorology has warned that damaging winds, heavy rain and flooding could continue across Queensland’s Gold Coast throughout Friday.

But its severe thunderstorm warning for the area at 9.17 a.m. was canceled as the immediate threat passed.

The situation will continue to be monitored and further warnings will be issued if necessary.

The Big 4 camp site in Helensvale had to be evacuated in the middle of the night after the campers awoke to find their tents flooded.

Soon they had to rush to higher ground, as one of the sunken carriages said that it happened in just 20 minutes.

“I was already awake and my sister yelled at me to get up. I got up and thought, ‘Maybe it’s not that bad’ and within 20 minutes, yeah, the water was running through our tent,” he said on the Today show.

“We were at the knee in a matter of minutes.

“It was chaos… just panic, dozens tried to get out at once.”

Queensland Fire and Emergency Services crews were called to five incidents during the night involving vehicles stuck in flood waters.

Ships were deployed twice to rescue people from their cars. No injuries were reported from the two incidents.

Queensland Emergency Service (SES) crews also responded to 12 calls from 6pm on Thursday for leaking roofs.

More than 680 Energex customers in southeast Queensland were without power as of 9.45am due to the weather.

The power provider said it could not give an exact time frame for when electricity would return due to the landslide on Pine Creek Road in Springbrook.

“The landslide on Pine Creek Road is preventing our crews from accessing affected parts of the Springbrook power grid,” said Energex.

“Our crews will deploy drones to assess the damage and the moment the road is cleared they will start all repairs.

“We thank you for your patience as we work with the council and other emergency services to resolve all issues.”

Tweed Valley Adventist College was forced to close Friday after school grounds were inundated.

“The school is closed today due to the local flooding! We hope you are doing well,” the school said.

Campers at the CMC Rocks Music Festival in Ipswich also had a hot night after the camps were inundated.

“We want to thank all of our staff and camp for being absolute troopers during the weather last night,” CMC Rocks said.

“Everyone was so kind to each other and let the spirit of CMC Rocks shine through the storm.

“There is a lot of sunshine on the road, but the camps will need some time to soak up the water. Please keep this in mind as you are walking around and avoid any unnecessary movement.”

Several Gold Coast roads were closed Friday morning due to the conditions:

  • Maudsland Road, Maudsland
  • Bodesert Pune Road, Coulson
  • Hardee’s Road, Medjirapa
  • Pine Creek Road, Springbrook
  • Klagirapa Road, Klagirapa
  • Bird Road, Guanaba
  • Signato Drive, Helensvale
  • Hotham Creek Rd, Willow Valley
  • Linz Road, Ngaolan

There is also a strong wind warning across the waters of the Gold Coast, while all beaches across the city are closed.

The bureau said the total rainfall amounted to 250 mm in just three hours in some areas during the night.

“A large-scale area of ​​thunderstorms over the watershed area of ​​the southern coast has caused heavy to heavy rain with rainfall ranging from 150 to 250 mm in the past three hours,” it added.

“Heavy rainfall has caused rapid rise in the level of rivers and streams and light to moderate flooding in some areas.”

Large precipitation totals for southeast Queensland overnight:

  • Clagiraba road 104 mm in an hour until 11.54 pm, 118 mm in 2 hours until 12.18 am
  • Upper Springbrook 92mm at 10.28pm, 152mm at 11.27pm, 222mm at three hours until 12:23am
  • Hotham Creek 90mm in an hour until 12 a.m.
  • Numenba Valley 89 mm in an hour until 11.03 pm, 124 mm in 2 hours until 11.57 pm
  • Oxenford Weir 79mm in 1hr up to 12.35am, 100mm in 2hrs up to 1.09am
  • Kangra Army 107 mm in three hours until 12.34 am
  • Mount Tamborine 69 mm at 11.37 pm, 95 mm at 2 hours until 11.49 pm
  • Pacific Pines 77 mm in 2 hours until 12.50 am
  • Small Nerang Dam 90 mm in two hours until 1.02 am, 111 mm in three hours until 1 am

Queensland Police and SES have advised affected residents to avoid flood waters, follow updates throughout the day and adapt to conditions.

In New South Wales, a severe weather warning is in place for the Northern Rivers region after the region was flooded with “heavy rain” for several hours overnight.

Flood monitoring is in place in the area, with areas that may be affected including Lismore, Tweed Heads, Morwillumba, Byron Bay, Ballina and Casino.

As of 6 a.m. Friday, NSW SES crews had conducted 14 flood rescues and had received 193 requests for assistance in the past 24 hours.

There are 22 flood warnings across the state, with SES warning residents to prepare now to minimize damage and consider evacuation as an option if severe flooding is expected.

Large precipitation totals that occurred overnight:

  • Couchy Creek 85 mm in an hour until 10.41 pm, 155 mm in the hours until 12.10 am, 222 mm in three hours until 12.40 am
  • Chillingham 74mm in an hour up to 11.34pm, 129mm in two hours up to 12.36am, 171mm in three hours up to 12.48am
  • Numinbah 108 mm in two hours until 11.52 pm, 133 mm in three hours until 12.51 am

The low is expected to weaken as it moves off the northern coast line later Friday or early Saturday, but flooding remains a significant risk throughout the day.

NSW SES Commissioner Carlene York urged residents to remain vigilant and prepared.

“We have pre-deployed personnel, high clearance vehicles, aviation assets in the Port Macquarie and Lismore areas, and local units on the ground ready to assist their communities,” she said Thursday.

“A local incident management team has been set up in Goonellabah and is carrying out planning and intelligence activities and working with our community liaison teams to ensure that the public is also prepared.

“The number of flood rescues continues to rise as people are trapped in their cars. We remind people again to keep an eye on road conditions and if you pass flooded roads, make the safe decision, turn around, and find an alternative route.”

The bureau advised that severe weather no longer occurred in the middle of the North Coast, so the warning for that area was rescinded.

Originally published as ‘Chaos’ in Queensland and New South Wales due to severe storms

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