Reports Weekly Active Inventory Increased 28% YoY; New listings are down 10%

by Calculated risk on 9/22/2022 02:17:00 PM has monthly and weekly data on the current local market. Here is their weekly report released yesterday from Chief Economists Daniel Hill and Jiayi Xu: Showcasing Weekly Housing Trends – data week end September 17, 2022. Note: They have data on listing prices, new listings and more, but that’s the focus on inventory.

Active inventory continued to grow, 28% better than last year. . The number of homes for sale has increased as buyers and sellers navigate a rebalancing housing market with changing advantages and challenges.

New listings – the measure of sellers offering homes for sale – are down again, down 10% from a year ago.. This week marks the eleventh consecutive week of year after year of declines in the number of new listings for sale, and this week the data continues to maintain a double-digit territory.

Below is a graph of the annual change in inventory according to

Note the rapid increase in year-over-year change earlier this year, from a 30% drop at the start of the year, to a 29% year-over-year increase at the beginning of July.

However,’s data has been stuck at 26% to 30% year-over-year for 12 weeks in a row. This is due to the slowdown in new listings, even with sales dropping sharply.

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