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It may seem upsetting to the steel-eyed and sometimes sharp-tongued crew of Naked Capitalism to admit that we love our readers deep down. This also includes those who are sometimes under stress. In a stressful and uncertain time, we have remained dedicated to serving a society of naked capitalism by doing our best to understand attitudes that would not have all long ago been considered muddled, of open acceptance of corruption, and of the slow assimilation of corruption. Clear propaganda, to tolerate official incompetence that puts the public at risk (and worse).

We continue our diligent and ever-expanding search for early insight because we have come to know how important naked capitalism is to all of us in feeling steady and informed. So please keep this community alive and vibrant by going to our donation page, which tells you how to donate a check (no processor fee!), credit or debit card.

Lambert, Nick, KLG, Conor Gallagher and John McGregor, as well as our regular guests like Michael Hudson, Thomas Neuburger, Hubert Horan and members of Covid and Brexit all appreciate your intelligence, your doubts, your knowledge and your fair mind. You motivate us all to keep improving our work. And I’m sure you got to know many of the lively characters in the commentary and enjoyed them, as we did.

Just as we appreciate your interest and participation, we count on your financial support. To stay abreast of developments, rate them in close to real time, and give you distilled explanations that require constant commitment. So please, now go and give generously at Tip Jar!

The media environment has become more difficult. The emptying of newsrooms and strict state censorship mean that important stories are often weak or skewed, particularly because they can reveal a degree of rot.

Naked capitalism is one of the few who tell the truth to political economy. Where else can you find strict and unrestricted coverage of topics such as:

  • Setback of economic sanctions against Russia
  • Covid-19 and its effects
  • The real state of the economy, including supply chain issues, labor shortages caused by Covid, and shortages in general, and why the Fed can’t fix any of these issues
  • How the Ukraine war is accelerating the imperialist decline of the United States
  • Climate change and resource limits
  • prey on the financial industry
  • Economic slogans and how they serve the wealthy
  • Erosion of the rule of law
  • Political duel, particularly in preparation for the US elections 2022 and 2024

…. Along with pictures of cute animals and verses that the reader regularly introduces?

Readers tell us how important naked capitalism is to them. From Michael W:

Donated – Best Money I’ve Spent/Will Spend Anywhere This Year Easily!

The posts here are always excellent – and the comments only add to it.

On the internet since the early ’90s and North America, to me, it’s still the best that the web can actually be – information that informs, challenges me, makes me think, and informed commentary from intelligent contributors whose heart is clearly in the right place (both anatomically and spiritually). )!)

Thank you!

and Mark H:

I support your work and all the efforts of all the contributors to Naked Capitalism!! I did well!!! NC is my dear first read and my go-to news source every day.

It was Naked Capitalism’s economic reports that drove me to study, learn and understand more about economics. I must admit that Mark Ames’ article and remark to a number of my generation, myself included, have not bothered to study or even read a minimal amount of the economic literature and how we cast aside “the dismal science.” We are on the progressive left of our current dismal state.

Love the links and the water cooler from Lambert

Keep up the great work.

One grateful Canadian.

And Chrysrocon:

This family blog remains the most nourishing oasis in the abominable desert of misinformation!

We want to maintain our high standards and continue to chart a changing world. Will you help achieve this?

If you can’t give, please take what you learn here and share it. If you can only afford a little, we still appreciate your contribution. But if you can afford more, please give more. It costs to spread the truth, but it’s much cheaper than buying someone the right to lie to you by paying for your media.

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