Representative McKellar Sophie Scamps reveals why she’s running for politics

With no political history of her own, Sophie Scamps watched with astonishment the independent movement that swept federal voters in Indy and Warringa in previous elections.

In her first address, delivered in Parliament House on Monday, Dr Scamps – who ousted moderate liberal Jason Valinsky in the McKellar voter NSW shores – said she felt proud that the Independents had “taken over the political establishment and won”.

I was even more proud to know that these women act with integrity as they fight for a better future for all Australians.

With the 2019 election looming, Dr. Schumps said her “lightning moment” came in the form of a 12-year-old girlfriend of her son Matthias.

“I have always worried about the impact of climate change on the health and well-being of children and future generations. This day, my son and his friends were asking me about climate change — and I answered — that they would one day need to act on it,” she said in her speech.

Matthias looked at me seriously and said, ‘Yes, because you guys have let us down.’

His comment found its purpose. I listened – and decided to act.”

Dr Scamps said Australians had “really” been waiting two decades to take action on climate change, but she never imagined her decision to act would end up with her in Canberra.

I will quote Gandalf—“It is a dangerous business, Frodo, to walk out your door. “You step on the road, and if you don’t keep your feet, you don’t know where you might drift to,” she said.

“I also urge you to walk the path and join me on this journey.”

Speaking, Dr. Scamps said that giving up her job as a GP, adjusting to public speaking, as well as moving away from her family, was a lot to consider when running as a candidate.

Now that she’s in Canberra, she says climate change is one of her biggest priorities, and she will always work with Mackellar voters right in front of their minds.

“I believe that if we really listen, if we act, and if we take society with us, we can prevent the worst effects of climate change and we can seize the opportunity to lead the world in the clean technology revolution,” he said.

“But we must act now.”

Dr. Schamps is also committed to ensuring integrity in Parliament and improving health and mental health care.

She also praised Uluru’s statement from the heart, Voice to Parliament and Makarratta – telling the truth – as “generous calls” from Australia’s first peoples to “listen and be healed”.

“After more than 200 years, I hope Australia is finally ready to listen,” she said.

Originally published as Dr. Sophie Scamps reveals ‘lightning moment’ that prompted her launch into politics

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