Republicans in the House of Representatives are calling for a review of Ukraine’s financing

After sending money to Ukraine for nine months, people demand an itemized bill to see where billions of taxpayers’ money have been spent. The newly inverted House of Representatives has called for a review of Ukrainian funds and a reprioritization of securing America’s borders. Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) has accused the Biden administration of bringing in disabled Ukrainian soldiers as “pawns” when negotiating for additional money. With the recent FTX explosion, it is more evident than ever that this money to Ukraine has been mishandled.

We have sent billions of money to Ukraine, but nothing has been done to secure the US-Mexico border despite many countries declaring invasions and begging Washington for help. “We’re completely protecting another country’s borders and also waging a proxy war with Russia,” Green said. “We’ve had five million people cross our borders illegally since Joe Biden took office, so let’s compare that to the number of Russians who invaded Ukraine, 82,000 Russians invaded Ukraine,Green said. As I mentioned in previous posts, the cost of building the wall was negligible compared to the cost of housing illegal immigrants.

A deep scrutiny of the handling of Ukrainian money could lead to Biden being impeached, but that will never happen because too many players will go broke. This situation is bigger than Biden conjuring up his own money laundering scheme on his own, with people on both sides getting their hands in the endless vat of war money.

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