Richard Marles unveils new capabilities in supercomputing

First it was self-driving vehicles, then it was the Snowy Hydro robotic dogs, and now it’s time for a new piece of futuristic technology to hit our shores.

Acting Prime Minister and Defense Secretary Richard Marles has officially launched a new supercomputer program that is a million times faster than a standard computer.

The new technology, which is a first of its kind in Australia, will enable defense scientists to quickly analyze large data sets and perform complex calculations to tackle some of the toughest scientific and engineering problems.

Expected to play a role in the design, development and analysis of modern weapons systems and national security systems, the new tool is set to enhance our ability to develop key AUKUS priorities, including nuclear powered submarines, quantum technologies and artificial intelligence.

Mr. Marles said the new, easy-to-use tool will be crucial to our experts.

“For a lot of the work that our defense scientists have done, data is critical,” he said.

“But more important than the data itself is the ability to analyze and process that data quickly and reliably.”

This high performance computing facility provides a secure and sovereign ability to do just that. “

The advanced new forces will be used at the Defense Science and Technology Cluster site in the Edinburgh Defense District in South Australia.

In a statement issued by the federal government on Tuesday, Mr Marles explained that the new computing infrastructure is known as “Taingiwilta”, which means “strong” in the language of the Kaurna – the Adelaide First Nations people.

The statement said he was also housed in a purpose-built secure facility called “Mokarnto”, which means “computer”.

The defense minister said that by acquiring the technology, Australia would be able to help its allies.

He said, “HPC capacity not only provides Australia with the sovereign capacity that allows us to pursue activities in our national interest, but also gives us a strong foundation for closer cooperation with partner countries.”

Mr. Marles also sought to acknowledge the assistance provided by representatives of the US Department of Defense’s High Performance Computing Modernization Program, “who willingly shared their 30 years of knowledge and experience to support Australia’s work to create this world-class capability.”

Originally Posted as Acting Prime Minister Reveals an Important New Weapon for Defense Scientists

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