Rishi Negi has been appointed CEO of Endemol Shine India

Banijay, one of the world’s largest independent content producers and distributors, has appointed Rishi Negi as the new CEO of Endemol Shine India with immediate effect.

Negi will take over the position vacated by Abhishek Reggie, who resigned after serving in the company for 15 years.

He will oversee the current team, day-to-day affairs, and production and will report to Banijay’s Director of Operations Peter Langengerg, who oversees the area.

Prior to joining Endemol, Negi was COO of Banijay Asia, a joint venture between Banijay and former Endemol Shine CEO Deepak Dar.

Negi comes with more than two decades of experience in strategic operational, commercial, financial and general matters of business. He worked in the Hospitality, Leisure and Retail sectors of Taj Group of Hotels, Emerald Asia Media and Fame India prior to Banijay Asia.

“Banijay is proud to develop and retain her talents, and with that in mind, it is great to support

In his next role as CEO, Endemol Shine India,” Langenberg said. “Since starting his position with Banijay Asia, he has been a strong business backbone and partner of Deepak Dhar in maintaining the entity’s growth trajectory, particularly through the pandemic. We look forward to seeing him continue to thrive in this new position.”

Negi added, “In the past five years, Banijay Asia has given me the opportunity to be a part of the Indian content revolution as we have created an umbrella of successful content across streaming and streaming platforms. While Endemol has built a strong library of shows like Bigg Boss, Fear Factor, Masterchef etc., My vision is to lead this trend curve and take it to new heights with diverse content across textual and non-scripted genres. I look forward to joining the highly talented and experienced team at Endemol Shine India, and to creating great content together.”

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