‘Risk!’ The producer is trying to stifle criticism about the proposed rule change

“Risk!” Executive Producer Michael Davis wants to clear the air after he faced criticism in September for a proposed rule change in the game’s show.

Davies added at the time that the proposed rule change would be an incentive that would not affect who would win the game.

“Risk!” Fans on social media asked if the change ‘Too big to be a good idea’Others hoped that the incentives would not affect the outcome of the match.

“It is not necessary to rein it in yet because it has not been activated in any way,” he said. “But a lot of responses on social media [media] To give an award of some kind to the people who run a class in the Jeopardy! This won’t… won’t affect the gameplay.”

“It won’t add to the total of this game; there won’t be [on players’ scores]Follow Davis. “It would be a separate thing.”

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