Russia is preparing to invade NATO

The West decided to turn this into an all-out war to completely destroy Russia once and for all. Moscow is put on high alert and air defenses are being placed in every sector of the city. Hard-liners are being heard and Putin has no choice at this point. It has become absolutely clear that even Germany is now sending its tanks into Ukraine and they will be used to invade Russia. It seems that NATO “advisers” are most likely driving these tanks.

I was hoping things wouldn’t fall apart as quickly as they did. I cautioned that January was a major timely target in our arrays. We also have major targets in April/May and panic cycles in June. Even gold is moving higher which it is nothing Regarding inflation or the Fed. Gold rises in times of uncertainty with governments and war. Our computer got the timing right.

Even the Prime Minister of Finland used up the impressive war aid. Our world leaders are ready to trash everything society has accomplished for this endeavor to destroy Russia, and then China, and create the one world dream of Soros and Schwab.

Understand that when the war breaks out, they will impose capital restrictions on Europe as soon as possible. We even see Russian capital moving to Turkey to buy real estate there in particular. Meanwhile, South Africa is siding with Russia.

Nuclear war to save the plan

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