San Francisco is considering allowing the police to use killer robots

Also on the list: 17 robots, five of which are out of service, according to the police department. The robots were acquired between 2010 and 2017, police said, and include heavy-duty models that can climb stairs, robots with tanks that can defuse bombs and a small robot that can provide instant video and audio feeds.

The police department said that none of its robots “were equipped with lethal force options and the department has no plans to equip the robots with any type of firearm.”

But “the robots can be armed with an explosive charge to penetrate hardened structures containing violent, armed or dangerous elements or be used to contact, impede or disorient violent, armed or dangerous suspects who pose a risk to life for law enforcement or law enforcement,” the department said in a statement.

“Robots equipped in this way will only be used in extreme circumstances to save or prevent further loss of innocent life,” the department added.

The policy introduced by the board states that bots “will only be used as a lethal option of force when the threat of loss of life to members of the public or officers is imminent and officers cannot subdue the threat after using alternative force options or de-escalation tactics options or concluding that they will not yet be able to subdue the threat.” Evaluating alternative force options and de-escalation tactics.

The policy says that only the police chief, assistant chief of operations, or deputy chief of special operations can authorize lethal force to be used by bots.

Opponents said the policy was dangerous and could lead to more police violence.

Hillary Ronen, a city supervisor who voted against the policy, said the bots create “a false distance that makes it easier to kill an individual.” “We don’t want it to be easy. We don’t want to create that distance and that removal from the emotional impact of killing, or taking one’s life.”

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