Scientific white noise machines: bebelucy

“BebeLucy” is a smart sleep-promoting white noise machine that is currently in the crowdfunding stage from Emma Healthcare on Kickstarter. More than just a traditional white noise machine, this machine stands out for its ability to control the output of sound, as well as the ambient temperature, humidity, and amount of light it emits. This effectively targets the four factors that most affect people’s ability to sleep well.

The sounds BebeLucy can make aren’t limited to white noise, as they feature a wide range of soothing sounds, such as calming music, soft tones, and environmental noises, each of which has been shown to induce sleep. Finally, BebeLucy serves as a sleep tracker that monitors the amount of time spent sleeping each night.

BebeLucy can be pre-ordered via the company’s Kickstarter page for $179.

Image credit: Emma Healthcare

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