Scientists prove a link between perceived penis size and sports cars

Investigating whether there is “any truth to the cliché that a man who drives an expensive sports car makes up for a man’s inadequacy”, a team from University College London’s Department of Experimental Psychology surveyed 200 men aged between 18 and 74. .

They claim to have established an “informal psychological link between fast cars and small genitalia for the first time”.

Their report, Small Penises and Fast Cars, explains, “We made male participants believe they had relatively small or large penises by giving them false information about the average size of other men.”

“Then they rated sports cars as more desirable if they felt they had a small penis.”

The study found that men, especially those over 30, “rank sports cars as more desirable when they feel they have a small penis.”

The team behind the survey told some participants that the average penis size was 18 cm (7 in), while others were told it was 10 cm (4 in).

Men who had been misled by the previous claim were more likely to want a sports car.

The experiment manipulated self-esteem in various ways and measured ratings of other luxury products, but found no connection between anatomy and the desire to own things.

Participants were presented with misleading information about personal finance, friendship, philanthropy, and physical health, but none of these factors increased their desire to own a sports car.

The scientists expect their findings to continue to be part of “Dad’s jokes,” but believe that “the luxury auto industry may not want to acknowledge this connection.”

Originally published Scientists prove link between perceived penis size and sports cars

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