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The The newly launched See Café in Kuala Lumpur is said to be the first biophilic experience store in the country, offering a one-of-a-kind experience to Malaysians!

Signature Market, an online marketplace focused on selling natural and organic products, had a major launch of its flagship experience store, See Cafe with a ribbon-cutting party on July 15, 2022.

The café aims to provide an ideal place to take a break or take a vacation from their hectic lifestyle and enjoy a relaxing experience by bringing in vivid design elements (where humans can connect with nature), while adding plants to the interior design.

Perfect for relaxation

Located in Arcoris Mont Kiara, the aesthetically pleasing café has a stunning space with delicious desserts, but it also has a surprising space – a hidden gem, the Plant Origin Experience store, the first-ever coffee shop with an aromatherapy room, showcasing its sister brand Signature Market . Products of vegetable origin.

When you enter the two-storey café, you will find an abundance of natural light coming through the huge glass doors and facade on both floors, and the café has a calm and serene ambiance.

Inside the simple café, the coffee table and dessert bar tempt us with a sweet treat like macarons,

On the same floor there is a private area hidden from view as it is located right next to the table and covered with Japanese-style curtain panels, but inside there is a quiet and secluded personal workspace that caters to those who desire it. Sip a fresh cup of coffee or work on your laptop.

Then there is the Hidden Experience Store. Just aft, behind the wooden wall design, the door to the Plant Origins Experience opens onto a spa-like stone corridor that leads to a relaxing aromatherapy room, where Plant Origin products are displayed.

Here, customers can have an aromatherapy session with the brand’s essential oils.

Customers can get a free massage and also detailed information about all the brands’ product range, but they must book an online appointment for the session.

The ‘Stairs of Abundance’ is the most amazing part of the café, a beautifully designed staircase with a variety of indoor plants like Monsterra leaves growing near the stairs to symbolize the true meaning of abundance – humans thrive best when they are in harmony with nature.

A staircase leads upstairs, where customers can log into their laptop while admiring the view outside or enjoy an art gallery showcasing Lihua’s watercolor illustrations depicting women’s fashion.

On the same level, there is a private meeting or workshop space with another huge artwork by Lihua.

Aside from the laid-back vibes indoors and an outdoor dining area, surrounded by plants, See Café has Instagrammable cakes, vegan breakfasts, and tasty treats and desserts like The Blossom, The Mystery, Aureate Tart, Match Tart, and Single Origin Chocolate Ingot Cake.

The café serves specialty coffee designed by barista David Leong Wong Wai and Cino Lim of Barista Guild Asia, a coffee training hub.

tempting choice

Coffee is not only their specialty but also their innovative drinks; Five of the refreshing mocktails are their signatures.

Baristas have created a 100 percent vegan mocktail using fermented fruit syrups, exclusive to the café such as the “Money mocktail,” a mix of creamy and sparkling beverages complemented by the freshness of lemon, thyme, plum and cherry tomatoes.

Loving vitality and mental health

The masterminds behind the café are Edwin Wang and John Cheng, co-founders of Signature Markets, who strongly believe in healthy living.

Their goal in incorporating biophilic elements was to encourage mental and physical health.

“At Signature Market, we believe that healthy living is not just about healthy eating and exercise.

This Experience Store works on our commitment to contributing to the environment and society. This is why we created a space designed to offer a quiet and relaxing experience that includes dedicated private spaces ideal for a few hours of quiet relaxation,” said Wang.

“We believe that there is nothing more important than caring for our mental health, so we hope that our customers who visit the place can seize the opportunity to escape, detach energy and connect with their inner selves,” Wang added.

Cheng, who is also an interior designer, spoke exclusively to The Sun about the inspiration behind the café’s design.

He often travels to Japan, especially Tokyo, at least four to five times a year, and during his visit he draws inspiration from Japanese culture and cafes with laid-back interiors, despite the busy streets outside in the fast-moving city.

“Every time I go to Japan I will have a different experience that inspires me,” he said.

However, back in Malaysia, although there are many commercial cafes in Malaysia, there are no cafes like the ones he visited in Japan. “So, I said to myself, why don’t I design one myself?”

He wanted to provide a platform for Malaysians to have fun, even though this venture might not be very profitable.

Although it may not make money, I want to promote a concept that focuses on mental health and elevates the Malaysian lifestyle), allowing them to enjoy themselves and have a quiet time,” he said.

The inspiration to add the aromatherapy room also came from his own experience in Japan.

Unlike some coffee shops, which display sellers’ products on the shelf, Cheng wanted to offer a whole new experience because the products are from their own brand.

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